Помогите переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную

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    1.“I was sleeping last night when he called me”, she said.
    2. “I would invite more students if I had a bigger flat”, Tim said.
    3.“I saw her yesterday but she didn’t recognise me”, he said.

  • Настя
    1. She said that she had been sleeping the night before when he had called her.
    2. Tim said that he would invite more students if he had a bigger flat.
    3. He said that he had seen her the day before but she hadn't recognised him.

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  • 1. “ Go home”, said the teacher to us.
    2. “Buy some meat in the shop”, said my mother to me.
    3. “ Don’t forget to clean your teeth”, said granny to Helen.
    4. I said to Nick: “Where are you going?”
    5. I said to him: “ How long will it take you to get there?”
    6. Nick said to his friend: “ Will you stay at the “Hilton”?
    7. He said to me: “Do you often go to see your friends?”
    Ребят помогите перевести из прямой в косвенную.

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    1. Are your children still skiing?
    2. Have they had breakfast yet?
    3. Is Mike still taking an exam?
    4. Did she take part in the performance?
    5. Had they already left by the time you went to the station?
    6. Do they regularly go to the swimming pool?
    7. Will she buy a new car? 8. Will she be training at 10 tomorrow?

    1. Why did he decide to go to Ethiopia?
    2. When was she sent on business?
    3.Who will fulfill this task?
    4. How long has she been staying here?
    5. Who was he speaking to when I came to him?
    6. Who will play the role of Hamlet?
    7. What is shown in this diagram?

    1. "Open the safe!" the raiders ordered the bank clerk.
    2. "Please do as I say," he begged me.
    3. "Help your mother, Peter," Mr. Pitt said.
    4. "Don't make too much noise, children," he said.
    5. "Do whatever you like," she said to us.
    6. "Don't miss your train," she warned them.
    7. "Read the document before you sign it," the lawyer said to his client.
    8. "Fill in the blank again," he said.
    9. "Buy a new car," I advised him.
    10. "Don't drive too fast," she begged him.

  • Катя
    1.The teacher told us to go home.
    2.My mother asked me to buy some meat in the shop.
    3.Granny told Helen not to forget to clean her teeth
    4.I wondered where Nick was going.
    5.I asked him how long it would take him to get there.
    6.Nick wondered if his friend would stay at the "Hilton"
    7.He asked me if I often went to see my friends.

  • евгвния
    У Вас что-то не так с заданием. Дело в том, что прямая речь подразумевает наличие слов автора, а у Вас они есть только в 3-ем абзаце, поэтому я смогу помочь Вам только с этим заданием.
    1.The raiders ordered the bank clerk to open the safe.
    2.He begged me to do as he said.
    3.Mr. Pitt told Peter to help his mother.
    4.He told the children not to make too much noise.
    5.She told us to do whatever we liked.
    6.She told them not to miss their train.
    7.The lawyer told his clients to read the document before they signed it.
    8.He asked to fill in the blank again.
    9.I advised him to buy a new car.
    10.She begged him not to drive too fast.

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    1. "What are you doing here, boys?" - asked the man.
    2. "Do you like chocolates?" - said my little sister to me.
    3. "Where will the talks take place?" - asked the secretary.
    4. "Our firm has bought different equipment this year." - said the manager.

  • Natalia
    1.The man asked the boys what they were doing there.
    2.My little sister asked me if I liked chocolates.
    3.The secretary wondered where the talks would take place.
    4.The manager said that their firm had bought different equipment that year.