How about if you talk some cool English with a native speaker?

  • I've just read here on this forum that communicating with a foreigner is bad news, huh? I'll never ever agree with this and if you don't believe, you've got all the chances to start believing me right now. Come on, Russian friends, try me! I mean it's about time to ask me questions.

  • Good
    It's interestingly, where do you live? Where are you studying? How old of you? What do you think about possibility of a verbal conversation? Do you use some of instant messaging clients like Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Skype etc?? If so - could you please send to me your IDs? It would be interesting for me to talk with you in English (at least I would try). Thanks in advance -)

  • Great!!!
    That's interesting, indeed. There happen to be some brave girls ready to talk real cool English, huh? ... You ask me where I live. The answer is I'm currently staying in Moscow on business as ever. And you ask me where I'm studying, aha? The answer may be something like that I'm no longer a student. Unfortunately I haven't got any ICQ programme to be able to maintain some oral speech with you.
    If you still want to keep our chat going on through this forum, I'm looking forward to your fastest reply.

    Yours Franlky, John

  • smartless Hi!My name is Rita.I'm 13 years old.My birsday is on the first january.My friends calles me "New years tree" or "angel".I'm from Krasnoyarsk.I'm really cool!I love to meet new friends...Would you became my new one? Here is my Photo!I want you to answer me!
    Best wishes,Rita

  • My ICQ number is 380-338-495 !!!I'm waiting you in my ICQ!!!
    See you!

  • omg :o)

  • OFF

    Well, Russian guys! No sooner had I left you for a few days, than my sincere invitation to talk some awesome English literally evaporated. What's the big matter, I wonder? Don't you get what I wanna from you? .. Just friendly talking and nothing else. Come on, Russian creatures aka Mashas and Vanyas, I'm just eager to get in touch with you. Show off a bit and prove to me that you can be real cool and smart in English.

  • Dear native speaker! Now that I've read the previous topic where you dared call me a dumb I can hardly control myself. I have no doubt you're too arrogant. If you really want to get in touch with someone you should break yourself of the habit of speaking with the irritating arrogance and neglect. I saw a lot of foreigners, but they were not like you. I hope you are just pretending to be "a John from Texas" otherwise .... I hope the majority of americans are not like you.

  • Oh, God! Have I really dared call you "a dumb thing", Ms Off? Where and when? I've just been looking through this column of posts and I din't find that "bad" word you say I called you. Well, dear OFF, maybe you're really OFF the point. Just get ON and things will be bright for you once again. How about if I offer you a little friendship?

    Anticipatinly yours,
    John again

  • I'm not blind...
    Ms OFF?! How lovely of you! How do you know that I'm Ms OFF and not Mr OFF? I wonder whether you do it to spite me again?