How about if you talk some cool English with a native speaker?

  • To John from Texas
    Hi John! It is so good to see native speakers on this forum. Thank you for your suggestion to assist us (those who study English) in improving our (not always good and correct) English. But the coolest point which attracted me best is that you are from the US. As for me I spent there two greatest summers of my life and I'm still full of impressions. Unfortunately, I've never been to Texas :( I was in Connecticut (pretty far, huh?) But my friend was lucky to visit this awesome (and very hot) place.
    Being in the US I was asked about the differences between Russians and Americans. And I am really interested about your opinion on this point. What do you think we are different at? I think that we can share our thoughts about both cultures.
    And I'll appreciate your witty remarks about my grammar and lexical mistakes.
    Best regards,

  • Bonjour!
    2: O-la-la

    What the fuck do u mean speaking of the US as about some fuckin' sort of paridise place? Guys, you're talking with a texas red-neck. Obviously, the son of the bitch is a relative of Bush. Take up learning French! Stop leaking an American arse!

  • oh kids, do you still maintain that funny conversation. i had a good laugh, thanks. lets stay positive no matter what and no rude words please - they dont make you any cooler believe me. =)

  • John John I think you are right

  • To: von Paulig.

    It makes me sick to hear someone hates people of other nationalities. That’s really stupid. I have no idea why you dare say such dirty things about Americans and their country. You probably have nothing to talk about and you are just trying to practice your English this way, using swear words, but it doesn’t make you look smarter. By the way, why do you consider French is better? I agree it is very beautiful language, I myself learn it. But wouldn’t you be disappointed discovering that some Americans are muuuuuuch better than those of the Frenchmen? I had a chance to meet the Frenchmen and communicate with them for a long period. So, I can come to such a conclusion.
    It is very poor that there are a lot of guys like you, who live in their own worlds and even don’t want to look aside. I wish you to become polite and up-to-date (you seem to live still in the Soviet Union during the Cold War).

  • Hi. I’m a second year student (I study English) but I still don’t think my language is good. So I’d like to communicate with someone in English and try to improve my knowledge. Will be glad to find people with the same little problem as I have. : )

  • hello my name is lyubava,my inglish is not very good` but i want to speak inglish I live in Russia. i read cool ehglish but it is very difficalt for me please write for me!!! I have many friends and Iwould like to have new friends in the middle of you!!! I wait you letter!!!!

  • Hellow! My name is Artyon, I am 16.
    I live in Moscow. It is Russia. I study English two or three years. I want check my knowledge. I wish to get yours letters.

  • HI! My name is qwaqwa, and i search frend!

  • John
    Hello everybody:)) I've read this forum with the greatest pleasure. Especially conversation between John and OFF. So funnily:) And where is John now? How I can see he haven't been here for a long time. Very pity.
    Wish good luck to everybody