How about if you talk some cool English with a native speaker?

  • von Paulig, fuck off with your french arrogancy. You don't like red-necks? At least they speak English and you'll speak arabic in 10 years. Or Hebrew with your new president. That's funny - frog speaking arabic! Ha-ha-ha!!!

  • Hello!!!How are you?I hope fine!I'm 21 and I want to have you as a friend!I am from Russia and I'm very communicative!Please write to me!!!

  • hi!
    My name is Anna and I am 22. I want to find native English to speak to him in order to improve my language and of course to find new friends.Please write me on my ICQ - 397680825.
    Everyone who wants to make friends with me, please write!

  • John I wanna talk to you!!!!!! ICQ 378-644-840

  • Hello, guys!
    My name is Lena.I'm 23 years old.I'm from Russia.My english is quite fine, so I'd like to communicate with someone in English and practice my speaking.Bedides, we could be friends.Please,write me on ICQ 325206141 or we can talk via skype.

  • Hi! I'am Tanya. I want to talk to someone on English just to improve of my knowledge and find new friends! Please, reight me!!! Will try to reply to everyone!

  • hi everyone (especially who learn English seriously), i'm Javid, from Azerbaijan . i want to talk in msn with somebody, like everyone.
    my msn is:
    i'm waiting
    thanks :)

  • Hi. My name's Vlad I'm 22 year old. I'm from Sakhalin island - it's Russia. I don't know english very well but I'd like to find some friends (no matter from Russia or any other country) to improve one. And to make strong friendship of course:) my icq 569725689. And e-mail: write me please you will not be disappointed:)

  • Hi, Vlad! Have you received my previous message? If not I'll try to write the same in brief.I'm Alina and I'm from Ukraine.It's my first experience of communication through the Internet in English and I hope to receive a nice impression of it. Write me soon;)

  • Hi everyone! I want to speak in English:) So, about me - I am a student of low academy. I like anime and manga. My mail -