Проверьте, пожалуйста, вопросы

  • Написал вопросы для интервью с разработчиками игры. Подскажите, есть ли ошибки?

    1. How many and what kinds of resources will be in your game?
    2. What year does the game story begin?
    3. Is Space Station Continuum a game more about challenges and difficulties or more about relaxing gameplay?
    4. Will several difficulty modes be in the game?
    5. There is a well-known problem of many economic strategy games: when you have already built all the necessary buildings and established resource production, the game begins to be boring. How are you going to manage this problem in your game?
    6. What interesting gameplay mechanics that differ your game from others will be in Space Station Continuum?
    7. What about the simulation of physics in the game? Will attention be paid to gases in the station (oxygen for example)? Will a gravitation impact be here? Tell us a couple of words about role of realism in the game.
    8. How does the technology progress work?
    9. Tell us about game modes. Campaign, scenario, sandbox – which of these will the game include?
    10. Can the player choose a starting nation with unique bonuses or something like this?
    11. How much micromanagement will be in the game?
    12. You said about traits and needs of astronauts. Can you tell us about this in detail?
    13. With what problems can the player face in Space Station Continuum?
    14. Are you going to start a Kickstarter company?

  • 1..... will be there (оборот there will be)...3. Is the game....потом название. 4.will there be several...6. What interesting gameplay mechanics that differ your game-----( that make your game different from others will there be in Space Station Continuum?
    Интернет исчезает. Вернусь позже.

  • 7 the role of 11 will be there...12 astronauts' needs....13 what problems can....

  • Новую порцию вопросов сделал. Можете тоже глянуть на ошибки?

    1. How many hours of gameplay will the game include?
    2. Will there be other enemies except Necrons in the game?
    3. Will 30 actions not limit freedom of gameplay? How does it may do the game more interesting?
    4. Will you plan to support the game after release? Will there be any paid DLCs?
    5. How much will the game cost? Will there be special cost for Russian region?
    6. What interesting can you tell us about classes of player’s warriors?
    7. What is the Adeptus Mechanicus seeking on Silva Tenebris?
    8. How many difficulty levels will be in the game and how will they work?
    9. Will the Adeptus Mechanicus have big machines like titans?
    10. Can the player play as Necrons by any way (by hacking, for example)?
    11. Can the player use Necrons’ guns?
    12. Will there be eretic decisions and an opportunity of eretic end of the story?
    13. Will there be ambiguous decisions in the game that affect on gameplay?
    14. To what dynasty do the Necrons belong in the game?
    15. What about the craft in the game? Can the Adeptus Mechanicus create something interesting?
    16. Will there be any sort of customization?

  • 3.что хотели сказать (рус)5/2 a special price 6 (рус)7Adeptus Mechanicus-кто/что это почему артикль 8will be there 10 (рус)11 a player 13 affect smth
    Где рус, напишите, что хотели сказать.

  • 3. Не будут ли 30 действий ограничивать свободу геймплея (в игре ограничение на 30 действий)? Как это может сделать игру более интересной?
    7. http://ru.warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/%D0%90%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BF%D1%82%D1%83%D1%81_%D0%9C%D0%B5%D1%85%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%BA%D1%83%D1%81
    8. Как много уровней сложности будет в игре и как они будут работать?
    6. Что интересного вы можете сказать о классах персонажей игрока?

  • 3. Will 30 actions limit freedom of gameplay? How can it make the game more interesting?6. can you tell us anything interesting about classes of player’s warriors?10?

  • 6.the classes

  • 3. Will 30 actions limit freedom of gameplay?

    А почему частица not неуместна? Они не используют вопросы с отрицанием или это неподходящий случай по каким-то критериям?

  • На мой взгляд, лучше общий вопрос,. Потому что русское не ли --это смягченная форма общего вопроса, более вежливая. но хотите Won't 30.actions limit будет значить разве 30... не будут ограничивать . Но это резковато.Так, как вы написали, не бывает.