Помогите составить вопросы

  • Помогите составить вопросы

  • Some scholarship programs operate regionally.
    Postaviti predlojenia v voprositelinoi forme vo vseh vremenah

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  • Помогите . Составить 4 вопроса разного типа(альтернативный, общий, разделительный и специальный) к предложению: "He could find new materials about Polynesian life and customs."

  • Тимур
    1.Could he find new materials about Polynesian life and cusnoms? - общий
    2.Could he find new or old materials about Polynesian life and customs? - альтернативный
    3.He could find new materials about Polynesian life and customs, couldn't he? - разделительный
    4.What could he find about Polynesian life and customs? - специальный

  • помогите мне тоже пожалуйста составить вопросы к предложению: The rich are economising, and the businesses that deal with them are having to cope.
    составила к подл.: Who are economising, and the businesses that deal with them are having to cope?
    общий вопрос: are The rich economising, and the businesses that deal with them are having to cope?
    осталось: альтернативный,разделительный и специальный...=(
    помогите пожалуйста....завтра уже надо

  • reginochka
    У Вас ошибка в вопросе к подлежащему: Who is economising...
    Are the rich or the poor economising ...?(далее без изменений) - альтернативный
    The rich are economising, and the businesses that deal with them are having to cope, aren't they? - разделительный
    What are the rich doing, and ...? (далее без изменений)

  • reginochka
    последний вопрос - специальный

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  • Помогите пожалуйста составить 10 вопросов к данному тексту!!!!Вообще не соображаю как их составлять.Спасибо большое за помощь.

    Production Management

    Very broadly, production can be described as a process that converts economic inputs into outputs that customers need, want and are willing to pay for. Production processes vary greatly in complexity, production time, the amount of information and planning needed, and the number of, machines and employees required.
    Production involves considerable human and physical resources, as well as the financial resources needed to pay for them — all planned carefully by production managers. At each stage of production process, managers must do a cost-benefit analysis to determine the optimum balance between physical and human resources, taking into account the available financial resources which usually act as a limiting factor.
    Most production processes start with raw materials or components and include various activities designed to process them into final products. Modern production would be impossible without machines and equipment that facilitate the work of people. The increasing use of computers leads to greater automation and changing the balance between people and machines. Automation is the use of a mechanical system with the ability to automatically run and adjust itself to continuous operation as programmed.
    An important responsibility of production managers is directing and supervising the work of the production personnel. Managers must plan for the efficient use of capable and well-trained people to run machines, use equipment, and perform work that cannot be performed by machines or for; which machine production is not economical.

    Another area of production management is production control which can be defined as a system for coordinating people, machines, and materials in order to reach the company's objectives. The first step is production planning. It determines what goods or services will be produced, what kind of personnel, machines, and materials are needed to produce them and how to obtain the necessary resources at the right time. Then the best sequence of various' production stages is established and the schedules are worked out.
    A key part of production control is quality control. Most firms would like to produce the product the
    which is best, based on the intended use. The quality, however, is limited by many factors and production managers usually try to establish the level of quality at the point that balances the customer needs and the lowest cost of production for the company.
    To operate reliably, production facilities require maintenance and repair. Preventive maintenance includes regular inspection to detect the need for repair or replacement so that breakdown of the equipment could be prevented.
    Careful thought must be given to the arrangement of production facilities, i.e. the design and layout of factories, shop floors, departments and offices. Ergonomics is the branch of technology concerned with the problems of optimizing the design of equipment, the environment and working procedures in order to improve the well-being of personnel and the effectiveness of the unit.