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  • Анатолий
    Задам по 2 вопроса разного типа.
    Не знаю, надо ли указывать тип вопроса, но я на всякий случай укажу:
    1.Does production involve considerable human and physical resourses? - общий вопрос
    2.When must managers do a cost-benefit analysis? - специальный вопрос
    3.What would be impossible without machines and equipment that facilitate the work of people? - вопрос к подлежащему
    4.Do most production processes start or end with raw materials? - альтернативный вопрос
    5.The increasing use of computers leads to greater automation, doesn't it? - разделительный вопрос
    6.What is automation? - специальный вопрос
    7.Who must plan for the efficient use of capable and well-trained people? - вопрос к подлежащему
    8.Another area of peoduction management production control, isn't it? - разделительный вопрос
    9.Is the quality limited by many or few factors? - альтернативный вопрос
    10.Must careful thought be given to the arrangement of production facilities? - общий вопрос

  • Анатолий
    опечатки в №8 - Another area of pRoduction management IS production control, isn't it?

  • помогите составить 5 вопросов различных типов к...Saratov State Technical University is one of the largest technical universities in Russia. It was founded in 1930. Today SSTU is a unique educational and research complex including 89 chair, 8 faculties, 12 educational-research centers and 3 institutes. More than 26 thousand students study here, including international ones.

  • nadiya
    1.Is Saratov State Technical University one of the largest technical universities in Russia? - общий вопрос
    2.Was it founded in 1930 or 1940? - альтернативный вопрос
    3.When was it founded? - специальный вопрос
    4.Today SSTU is a unique educational and research complex, isn't it? - разделительный вопрос
    5.How many students study here? - вопрос к подлежащему

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    к предложенею my mother was at home??

  • Помогите пожалуйста составить вопросы вот по этим предложениям:
    1) I guess they are jealous of your job.
    2) Plus the fact that she locks herself in the toilet for a long time.

  • помогите пожалуйста составить 5 вопросов к 3-м предложениям.
    1.The order of the temporary importation is regulated by the Article 283.
    2.A customs duty is a tariff or tax on the importation or exportation of goods.
    3.Transport traffic order includes customs procedures.

  • 1. What is the order of temporary importation regulated by?
    2. What is a customs duty?
    3. What does transport traffic order include?