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    Сколько вопросов и какие?

  • ЛЮДИ!!!помогите пожалуйста составить Общий,альтернативный,специальный и разделительный вопросы к этому предложению:

    My father works as a penal officer

  • помогите пожалуйста составить вопросы : 1) общий, 2) альтернативный, 3) специальный, 4) разделительный. One of the most striking features of English life is the self-discipline and courtesy of people of all classes. There is little noisy behavior,and practically no loud disputing in the street. People do not rush excitedly for seats in buses or trains, but take their seats in queues at bus stops in a quiet and orderly manner. Englishmen are naturally polite and are never tired in saying "Thank you", "I'm sorry", "Beg your pardon". If you follow anyone who is entering a building or a room, he will hold a door open for you. Many foreigners have commented on a remarkable politeness of the English people. English people don't like displaying their emotions even in dangerous and tragic situations, and ordinary people seem to remain good-tempered and cheerful under difficulties. The Englishman doesn't like any boasting or showing off in manners, dress or speech. Sometimes he conceals his knowledge: a linguist, for example, may not mention his understanding of a foreigner's language. . The Englishman prefers his own hose to an apartment in a block of flats, because he doesn't wish his doing to be over-looked by his neighbors. "AS Englishman's house is the castle." Many Englishmen are very good to their wives at home. They help their wives in many ways. They clean the windows when they are at home on Saturdays afternoon. They ofter wash up the dishes after supper in the evening.Sunday is a very quiet day in London. All the shops are closed, and so are the theatres and most of the cinemas. Londoners like to get out of town on Sundays. The sea is not far-only fifty or sixty miles away and people like to go down to the sea in summer or somewhere to the country for skiing in winter.

  • Оксана
    1) Are Englishmen naturally polite?
    2) Sunday is a very quiet day in London, isn't it?
    3) How help many Englishmen to their wives?
    4) Are all the shops open on Sundays or closed?

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  • Помогите задать вопросы по предложению:Mineral resources in Northern Ireland are meagre.

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    1. They have five lessons every day.
    2. We had four exams last term.
    3. Students will have a lecture on history tomorrow.

  • Where are the mineral resources meagre?
    Are mineral resources meagre in Northern Ireland?
    Mineral resources in Northern Ireland are meagre, aren't they?
    What resources are meagre in Northern Ireland?

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    Do they have five lessons every day?
    Did we have four exams last term?
    Will students have a lecture on history tomorrow?

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