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  • Помогите составить вопросы к предложению I read magazines now. срочно!!!

  • Помогите составить вопросы My friend does not work 1 Специальный
    2 Разделительный
    3 Отрицательный
    4 Альтернативный
    5 К подлежащему
    6 К сказуемому

  • Помогите пожалуйста составить вопросы по предложению: Pivoted scissors of bronze and iron were used in ancient Rome.

  • 1.Were pivoted scissors of bronze and iron used in ancient Rome?
    2.Where were pivoted scissors of bronze and iron used?
    3.Were pivoted scissors of bronze and iron used in ancient Rome or in ancient Greece?
    4.What was used in ancient Rome?
    5.Pivoted scissors of bronze and iron were used in ancient Rome, weren't they?

  • помогите плз
    All parts or sections of the shoe above the sole that are stitched or otherwise joined together to become a unit then attached to the insole and outsole. The upper of the shoe consists of the vamp or front of the shoe, the quarter i.e. the sides and back of the shoe, and the linings. The vamp covers the dorsum of the foot (includes the tongue piece) and superior aspects over the toes. This section i. e. the toe-puff is reinforced which serves to give the shoe its shape as well as protect the toes. The vamp is often made of more than one piece, creating a decorative pattern. There are various vamps suited to different styles of shoe.
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  • Помогите пожалуйста составить вопросы по предложению: The complete upper part of the shoe behind the vamp line covering the sides and back part is called quarter.

  • помогите плииз,нужно составить по всем временам вопросы специальный и дополнительные 2-3 к предложению i watch TV every day.

  • Помогите задать пять типов вопросf
    You watched TV yesterday

  • 1.Did you watch TV yesterday?
    2.When did you watch TV?
    3.Who watched TV yesterday?
    4.Did you watch TV yesterday or on Monday?
    5.You watchet TV yesterday, didn't you?

  • здравствуйте помогите пожалуйста задать к тексту 5 типов вопросов! ну совсем не понимаю как это делать!

    5. The leader must be willing to pass on skills, to share insights and experiences, and to work very closely with people to help them mature and be creative.
    6. Leaders should let people know that life is not so important that you can't sit back occasionally and be amused by what is happening. Laughter can be a great reliever of tension.
    7. Reliability is something that leaders must have in order to provide stability and strength to organisations. Leaders must be willing to be flexible but consistency and coherence are important elements of large organisations.
    8. Leaders must not only understand the major elements of their businesses but must also keep up with any changes.
    9. Leaders should be able to look at themselves objectively and analyse where they have made mistakes and where they have disappointed people.