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  • 2.Are the operations or the names rapidly changing in the major commercial banks?
    4.Вместо "are" нкжно "is": What is...?
    5.How are the operations of the major commercial banks changing?
    №1 и №3 правильно.

  • Спасибо за помощь.
    А у меня вот так были написаны.Проверте пожайлуста....
    1) так же
    2)A re the operations of the major commercial banks changing rapidly or slowly?
    3) так же
    4) What is rapidly changing?надо дописывать in the major commercial banks?
    5)Whose operations are rapidly changing?

  • anna
    Ваши вопросы правильные, но:
    №4 - можно дописать, а можно и нет
    №5 - вопрос задан правильно, но дело в том, что это вопрос к подлежащему, а у Вас уже есть вопрос такого типа - №4, а вот специального вопроса нет, поэтому лучше взять мой вопрос.
    №2 - правильный и хороший вопрос, мне он нравится больше моего.

  • Спасибо))))))))))

  • помогите составить general : two gentlemen in the carriage were greatly frightened

  • помогите пожалуйста составить предложения few,a few,many,little,a little,much в начале предложение должно стоять There is и There are в обчем получится 12 предложений получится

  • Помогите пожалуйста! Надо 5 типов вопросов задать к тексту!

    The Scottish universities of St. Andrews, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh date from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. In the nineteenth and the early part of the twentieth centuries the so-called Redbrick universities were founded. These include London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield and Birmingham. During the late sixties’ and early seventies some 20 “new” universities were set up. Sometimes they are called “concrete and glass” universities. Among them are the universities of Sussex, York, East Anglia and some others. During these years the Government set up thirty Polytechnics. The Polytechnics, like the universities, offer first and higher degrees. Some of them offer full-time and sandwich courses. Colleges of Education provide two-year courses in teacher education or sometimes three years if the graduate specializes in some particular subject. Some of those who decide to leave school at the age of 16 may go to a further education college where they can follow a course in typing, engineering, town planning, cooking, or hairdressing, full-time or part-time. Further education colleges have strong ties with commerce and industry.

  • 1.When were the so-called Redbrick universities found? - специальный вопрос
    2.What is sometimes called "concrete and glass" universities? - вопрос к подлежащему
    3.Are the universities of Sussex, York and East Anglia among them? - общий вопрос
    4.The Polytechnics, like the univrsities, offer first and higher degrees, don't they? - разделительный вопрос
    5.Do Colleges of Education provide two-year or three-year courses in teacher education? - альтернативный вопрос

  • Опечатка - в предл.№1 вместо "found" - "founded"

  • здраствуйте.помогите пожалуйста задать 3 типа вопроса к каждому предложению-дисюинктивный специальный альтернативный

    1) I want to go into business with my friend.
    2) You can lose personal assets.
    3) He is difficult to gel tax benefits from the stale.
    4) I do my books myself.
    5) We both have unlimited liability.
    6) The board of directors decided on vacation, salary, hiring and firing.
    7) The partners want to consult a board of directors.