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  • take (a company) public
    продавать акции компании всем желающим (широкой публике)
    There was no any other way out; they had to take their company public in order to avoid bankruptcy.
  • take (something) at face value
    принимать что-либо за чистую монету
    I took his promise to help at face value and was upset when he didn't keep his word.
  • take a nosedive
    терпеть крах, резкий спад
    The stock market took a nosedive when the profit of the coal company decreased.
  • take a pay cut
    понижение заработной платы
    The construction workers were forced to take a pay cut after the strike.
  • take minutes
    вести протокол (на собрании)
    "Who is to take minutes at the meeting today?"
  • take on (an employee)
    нанять, взять кого-либо на работу
    Fanny's luck held; they took her on at $ 500 a week.
  • take over (something)
    брать что-либо под контроль, под ответственность или принимать во владение
    The government is going to take over the mining industry of the country.
  • take stock
    проводить инвентаризацию, учёт
    We are planning to take stock next week.