• across the board

    включая всех и вся

    The company has decided to give the employees an across-the-board increase in their salary.
  • adjourn a meeting

    закрывать заседание

    The meeting was adjourned until the next day.
  • at a loss

    меньше, чем стоимость; финансовая потеря

    A lot of things were on sale but at a loss that's why the prices were very low.
  • bail a company out

    давать поручительство или вносить залог за компанию

    The local government decided to bail out the shoe factory in order to avoid unemployment in the town.
  • ball park figure/estimate

    приблизительное количество, примерная цифра

    The contractor gave them a ball park estimate for the cost of repairing the bridge.
  • bang for the buck

    получить сполна за свои деньги

    They were not able to get much bang for the buck when they advertised on the Internet.
  • banker's hours

    короткие часы работы (часы работы банка)

    I would like to get a job where I can work banker's hours most days.
  • bankroll someone

    финансировать кого-либо

    Colin asked his father to bankroll him as he wanted to buy a sport car.
  • bean counter

    бухгалтер (beans – бобы или деньги)

    The bean counter was asked to look over the figures in the budget for the next year.
  • big cheese/gun/wheel

    важная персона, лидер, "большой человек"

    Mr. Cheeswick used to be a big wheel in his previous company, but he is not so important now.
  • bigwig

    важная персона, шишка

    Jeremy Brown thinks he is a bigwig in the office, which he really is not.
  • bottom drops/falls out of (something)

    обвал цен (настоящие цены стали ниже предыдущих)

    The bottom fell out of the fruit market, and some of the companies had to stop doing business.
  • bottom line

    спорный вопрос, суть дела

    Miss Elvares wants to open a cafe, but the bottom line is if the caf will be profitable.
  • bottom out

    достигать самой низкой точки

    The goods sale has begun to bottom out, and I am not sure it will ever increase in value.
  • bounce a check

    возвратить чек в виду отсутствия достаточных средств на счету

    Renata bounced a check when she tried to pay for her college education.
  • boys in the backroom

    группа людей, принимающая закулисные решения

    The boys in the backroom informed us that the wages would be probably docked.
  • break even

    работать на основе самоокупаемости, когда затраты равны прибыли

    They were sure that they would be able to break even and begin to make a profit soon.
  • budget crunch/squeeze

    нехватка средств в бюджете

    There was a severe budget squeeze in their company and they had to stop wasting money.
  • buy (something) on credit

    купить что-либо в кредит

    Jenny Smith had no money so she decided to buy a car on credit.
  • buy a stake in (something)

    приобретать часть чего-либо в собственность

    A large company was planning to buy a stake in a small printing business.
  • buy off (someone)

    подкупить кого-либо, откупиться

    The criminal's friends tried to buy off the judge but they were not successful.
  • buy out (someone or something)

    выкупить кого-либо \ что-либо

    Mr. Cohan decided to buy out a few acres of farmer's land and build a motel.
  • by a long shot

    намного, значительно

    The pharmaceutical firm beat out the bids of the other similar companies by a long shot.
  • calculated risk

    обдуманный риск

    The factory must have taken a calculated risk when they had put new products on the market.
  • call a meeting to order

    начать заседание, собрание

    When everyone arrived, the chairman called the meeting to order.
  • captain of industry

    глава индустрии

    Mr. Noseterman is a captain of industry; he knows his duties very well.
  • carry a motion

    внести предложение

    The chairman carried a motion that the meeting be postponed till next week.
  • carry over (something)

    переносить что-либо на другое время

    It was recommended that the sale should be carried over for some other time.
  • carry over figures/numbers/costs

    перенести цифры, числа, стоимость из одной графы в другую

    Because of the financial problems they had to carry over last year's costs to this year.
  • carry the day

    завоевать полную поддержку

    Mark's proposal carried the day and everyone supported him with enthusiasm.
  • carry through with (something)

    приводить что-либо в исполнение

    The shoe factory carried through with their plan to boost production.
  • circulate the agenda

    раздать напечатанную информацию, которая будет обсуждаться или распространить повестку дня

    They usually circulated the agenda for a meeting a few days before the meeting.
  • close out (something)

    ликвидировать что-либо, распродать все товары целиком

    Because of the competition the owner had to close out the store and sell the remaining stock very cheap.
  • close the books

    прекратить принимать наряд-заказ

    The company closed the books at the end of the year.
  • close up shop

    прекращать работу, закрыться

    The beauty saloon had to close up shop when the rent was increased.