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  • ESP
    Extrasensory Perception - экстрасенсорное восприятие
    We read a story of a ten-year-old girl who had the ability of ESP.
  • ETA
    Estimated Time of Arrival - расчётное время прибытия
    Though the ETA was six p.m. we didn't arrive as expected because our flight was delayed.
  • FBI
    Federal Bureau of Investigation - ФБР (Федеральное бюро расследования)
    The FBI mostly deals with serious cases like kidnapping for example.
  • FM
    Frequency Modulation - частотная модуляция (тип радио сигнала)
    I like an FM station and listen to it regularly.
  • FYI
    For Your Information - для вашего сведения
    My boss asked me to write FYI on the information bulletin and send it to the other members of the staff.
  • GI
    Government Issue - казённый, прозвище солдат в американской армии
    GI is the nickname of an American soldier.
  • GMT
    Greenwich Mean Time - время по Гринвичскому меридиану
    GMT is a place near London which is used as the standard for time around the world
  • GNP
    Gross National Product - валовой национальный продукт
    The total value of goods and services produced by a country in one year is called GNP.
  • GP
    General Practitioner - врач терапевт
    I had to see a GP before I joined the university football team.
  • HIV
    Human Immunodeficiency Virus - вирус иммунодефицита
    Nick is a drug edict and he most certainly has HIV infection.
  • HQ
    Headquarters - штаб, главное управление
    The Police HQ is located downtown.
  • IMF
    International Monetary Fund - Международный валютный фонд (МВФ)
    The IMF or International Monetary Fund is an international agency that works to stabilize currencies.
  • IOU
    I Owe You - долговая расписка
    IOY is an abbreviation for 'I owe you'; it's a signed paper which shows that you borrowed money from someone.
  • IQ
    Intelligence Quotient - коэффициент умственного развития
    The IQ of the new student is very low.
  • JP
    Justice of the Peace - мировой судья
    They went to a JP to settle their dispute about a plot of land.
  • KO
    Knockout - нокаут
    Jeremy is a very good boxer and he won the match in the second round by a KO.
  • LLB
    Bachelor of Laws - бакалавр права
    In order to practice law it is necessary to receive LLB.
  • LP
    Long-Playing Record - долгоиграющая пластинка
    LPs are no longer popular, and John decided to give all of his old records to a charity.
  • LPG
    Liquid Petroleum Gas - сжиженный углеводородный газ
    The driver of a truck carrying LPG should be very careful.
  • MA
    Master of Arts - магистр гуманитарных наук
    After graduating from the university Mark received MA in economics.
  • MC
    конферансье, распорядитель (на балу, вечере, свадьбе)
    Steve was the MC for his friend's wedding.
  • MD
    Doctor of Medicine - доктор медицины
    Cronin, the author of "The Citadel", received his MD when she was 25 years old.
  • MIA
    Missing In Action - пропавший без вести
    There are a few hundred MIA soldiers in Afghanistan.
  • MP
    Member of Parliament - член парламента
    Josef Rickson, an MP, was kidnapped yesterday when he was driving to work.
  • MP3
    MPEG-1 audio layer 3 - МР3, метод компрессии цифровой звукозаписи
    I often listen to my MP3 player when I drive home from work
  • MSc
    Master of Science - магистр естественных наук
    Tina has been able to find a job easily because she has an MSc in Biology.
  • NASA
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Американская космическая организация (НАСА)
    A spokesperson for NASA declared that a rocket will be launched next month.
  • NATO
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization - НАТО, Североатлантический союз
    Georgia's government is eager to join NATO as soon as possible.
  • NB
    Nota Bene - нотебене, обрати особое внимание
    When I want to memorize something well, I always mark it NB.
  • OAP
    Old Age Pensioner - пенсионер
    This store often gives discount that was to OAPs.
  • OAU
    Organization of African Unity - организация Африканского единства
    Zimbabwe is a member of the OAU.
  • OD
    Overdose - передозировка (лекарств)
    It was reported that several young men died because of a drug OD.
  • OR
    Operating Room - операционная (в больнице)
    The patient was taken to the OR to be operated on for appendicitis.
  • PA
    Public Address System - система оповещения по радио
    The news of the flood was transmitted over the PA.
  • PC
    Politically Correct - полит корректный
    It is supposed that all material published in a newspaper must be PC.