Идиомы на тему Initials

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  • PE
    Physical Education - физкультура
    PE was my favorite subject at school.
  • PhD
    Doctor of Philosophy - доктор философии
    Norman Brown, who is a PhD in Philosophy, has been delivering lectures at the university for many years.
  • PLO
    Please Leave On - пожалуйста не стирайте (надпись на школьной доске)
    The teacher wanted the information to be left on the board, so she wrote PLO on it.
  • PM
    Post Meridiem - после полудня
    The children usually come home from school at two p.m.
  • POW
    Prisoner of War - военнопленный
    When the Second World Was ended, the negotiations regarding POWs lasted for a few years.
  • PR
    Public Relations - пиар, связи с общественностью
    The politician easily won the election due to good PR.
  • PS
    Postscript - постскриптум
    If I want to add some extra information, I write PS at the very end of a letter.
  • PTA
    Parent-Teacher Association - Учительско-родительская ассоциация
    The teacher told the pupils' parents that a PTA meeting would be held on Friday.
  • PTO
    Please Turn Over - пожалуйста, смотрите на обороте
    Ann wrote PTO on the page of her note to make sure that I would look at the other side of the page.
  • RCMP
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police - королевская конная полиция Канады
    There was a movie on TV about the RCMP, and it was quite interesting.
  • RIP
    Rest In Peace - покойся с миром (надпись на могиле)
    I looked at the gravestone and saw the inscription RIP on it.
  • RSVP
    Respondez S'il Vous Plait - просьба ответить (пометка на письменном приглашении)
    The invitation to the conference said RSVP, so Emma quickly sent off a note to say that she would not be able to attend.
  • SOB
    Son Of a Bitch - сукин сын
    The man got angry called Sam a SOB when Sam tried to jump the queue at the filling station.
  • SOS
    сигнал бедствия, СОС (спасите наши души)
    The Titanic was sending out SOS signals, but the Carpathia was too far away from the ship and couldn't come to its rescue.
  • TA
    Teaching Assistant - помощник учителя
    Wanda didn't have much experience in teaching and was able to get only the job as a TA at the community college.
  • TB
    Tuberculosis - туберкулёз
    One of Andrew's patients got TB and was taken to hospital.
  • TBA
    To Be Announced - подлежит объявлению (позднее)
    I looked at the Board to find out the time of the arrival of my train but it only said TBA.
  • TGIF
    Thank Goodness (God) It's Friday - Слава богу! Сегодня пятница
    In the window the cafe had a large TGIF sign which said that all drinks were half price.
  • TKO
    Technical Knockout - технический нокаут
    The boxer was awarded a TKO and won the boxing match.
  • TLC
    Tender Loving Care - нежная забота
    With lots of TLC the little puppies felt very well.
  • TP
    Toilet Paper - туалетная бумага
    Sally bought several rolls of TP.
  • UFO
    Unidentified Flying Object-НЛО, неопознанный летающий объект
    The man said he had seen an UFO on a clear summer night.
  • UV
    Ultraviolet - ультрафиолет
    Too much of UV rays are harmful for your health.
  • VCR
    Video Cassette Recorder - видеомагнитофон
    There is a VCR in our family room and we often use it.
  • VDU
    Video Display Unit - устройство визуального отображения, дисплей
    My VDU began to cause problems, so I had to buy a new one.
  • VHF
    Very High Frequency - очень высокая частота
    The DVD wasn't working properly because of a problem with the VHF connection.
  • VIP
    Very Important Person - очень важная персона
    There is special room at the airport for VIP passengers.
  • VP
    Vice-President - вице-президент
    Dick Chaney served faithfully as VP for many years.
  • VTR
    Video Tape Recorder-видеомагнитофон
    Since a VTR was installed in the classroom we have been using it at the lessons.
  • WC
    Water Closet - ватер клозет, туалет
    There are several WC in the park.
  • YMCA
    Young Men's Christian Association - ассоциация молодых христиан
    The YMCA has hostels for young Christians in many countries.
  • YWCA
    Young Women's Christian Association - ассоциация молодых христианок
    When I was in London I stayed at the YWCA.