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  • jury is still out (on someone or something)
    решение всё ещё не принято
    The jury is still out; they haven't accepted adventitious proposal yet.
  • just about
    It's just about one mile from my house to the beach.
  • just in case (something happens)
    на всякий случай
    I have written my name and address on my backpack just in case I lose it.
  • just now
    прямо сейчас
    "When do you want me to hand in my test paper?" - "Just now."
  • just one of those things
    что-либо независящее от себя; ничего не поделаешь
    The fact that they didn't give me the job I applied for was just one of those things and there was nothing to be done about it.
  • just so
    как раз то, что надо
    In the mirror she saw her face carefully made up and thought it was just so.
  • just the same
    всё равно, тем не менее
    The mother keeps telling her son not to play loud music, but he does it just the same.
  • just what the doctor ordered
    как раз то, что необходимо
    Having an extra day off work was just what the doctor ordered, and Steve was able to repair his bike.