Идиомы на тему Relationships

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  • meet/find the right girl/guy
    встретить свою половинку
    When Myrna got engaged to Tim, she thought she had found the right guy.
  • no skin off (someone's) teeth/nose
    не затрагивать (чьих-либо интересов), совсем не беспокоить
    It will be no skin off my nose if Sheila does not go on an excursion with us.
  • none of (someone's) business/beeswax
    не ваше дело, не лезьте не в своё дело
    When Adam started talking about Muriel's personal affairs, she said angrily that it was none of his beeswax.
  • old flame
    бывшая подруга (друг)
    I had quite a shock last night. I ran into an old flame of mine.
    Прошлой ночью у меня был настоящий шок. Я столкнулся со своей бывшей подругой.
  • on the rocks
    проблемные отношения, разваливающийся брак
    Mr. Noodle's business and his marriage were both on the rocks.
  • one (for someone)
    один единственный, подходящий (человек) для кого-либо
    Fisher thought that Margaret was the one for him, so he was going to propose marriage.
  • patch up a relationship
    возобновить нарушенные прежде отношения
    For a long time Jerry and Liza were not on speaking terms, but they managed to patch up their relationship somehow.
  • perfect couple
    прекрасная пара
    Stella and David seemed such a perfect couple, therefore I was surprised to hear about their divorce.
  • pop the question
    сделать предложение о браке
    John popped the question to Betty, but she refused him.
  • puppy love
    страстная влюблённость, слепое увлечение (среди подростков)
    When Martin and Pam began going around together in high school, their parents said it was just puppy love.
  • say "I do"
    согласен \ согласна (говорится во время венчания или регистрации брака)
    I know that during a wedding ceremony it is common to say "I do" when you agree to marry your partner.
  • seeing someone
    встречаться с кем-либо
    After the divorce Fisher was not seeing anyone for a long time.
  • set a date
    назначить день свадьбы
    Paul set a date for their wedding, but his fiancee eloped with Adam, his best friend.
  • settle down
    обживаться, обосновываться
    Mike had been moving from town to town for years, and finally he settled down in Springfield.
  • split up
    разойтись, прекратить отношения по взаимному согласию
    Our company split up due to the founder's untimely death.
  • steal someone's heart
    заставить кого-либо влюбиться, влюбить в себя
    Miranda is very attractive and can easily steal a man's heart.
  • take one's vows
    давать клятву верности (во время бракосочетания)
    The bride and groom turned to face each other in front of the people and the priest, held each others' hands and took their vows.
  • those three little words
    я люблю тебя (эти три маленьких слова)
    I don't know what prevented me from saying those three little words to Kelly.
  • tie the knot
    соединиться узами брака
    Brian and Lucy had been dating for a year before they decided to tie the knot.
  • to show good faith
    продемонстрировать, проявить добрую волю
    My neighbor showed good faith when she promised to help me in the garden.
  • true love
    настоящая любовь
    "You are too young to marry Noel. You may have taken infatuation for true love," Rita said to her daughter.
  • unrequited love
    любовь без взаимности
    Sarah was deeply in love with Jack, but unfortunately it was a case of unrequited love.
  • walk down the aisle together
    пожениться, пойти к алтарю
    Lester Fisher and Margaret McBright walked down the aisle together on January 15.
  • walk out on
    бросать, уходить от кого-либо
    The man walked out on his wife and children.
  • whisper sweet nothings in someone's ear
    шептать ласковые, ничего не значащие слова
    Desmond Finch was courteous and pleasant, and he often whispered sweet nothings in her ear.