A Letter from Account Receivables



Attention: _____________________

Dear ____________________,

Will you get off your dead ass and take care of your obligations! We are still holding the insufficient check that we called you on over a month ago. I know you told me you were waiting to get paid for a job that was due over a year ago. Get real. If they haven't paid you yet they are probably not going to. That is not our problem.

Girl, you are going to go to jail if you don't pay for this check. We are not willing to wait any longer for our money. If I had my way, we wouldn't sell you any product at all. You are not a good risk. We put you on open account and you drug your feet in paying us, so we put you on COD only and now are sitting on a check you wrote when you knew damn good and well that it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. And I love how you got your husband involved. When I made the first phone call, he acted incredulous that the check wasn't any good. He had me going!

The prosecutor of our county will be contacting you. She is really good at collecting. Kelly's her name and collecting is her game!

One other point, we will only accept a credit card payment for any purchases you make with us from now on. We will let the credit card company charge you 20+% for as long as it takes for you to pay them. Again, not our problem.

Yours truly,

Accounts Receivables


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