About Steve who wants to know about somethings...

In one day Steve came to the bathroon, when his father was washing. And Steve has seen dad's dick and said: "Dad, what is this?" His father nervously said: "Well Steve, it's sausage". After week he, suddenly, has seen his mum's cunt and said: "Mum, what is this?". His mum: "Well, it's a cat". After week; again, he has seen his grandfather who has taken a shower. Steve has seen his big dick and said: "What is this? Is it sausage?". "No, it's tommy gun" answered his grandfather. After it, Steve has seen that his dad and mum are doing sex and he has come to his grandfather and said: "Grandfather, a cat is eating sausage, please, kill him with your tommy gun". And grandfather has come to the room and said: "I'm shooting, shooting, but cat hasn't died yet!"


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