It's You Jesus

текст песни PFR (Pray For Rain)

'm looking for peace
i'm hoping to find
something to slow down
the hands of time
it's all slipping away... slipping away
moving so fast
it's out of my reach
and out of my grasp
i'm searching for Truth
i know it must be
somewhere just around the corner from me
i've been feeling a need... feeling a need
for something inside
a need for a change
a change in my life

Chorus A
and it's You
....only You and You alone
You found me so deep in the dark
and You called out my name
yes, You
....only You and You alone
You gave me someplace to start
to start over again
it's You

i was looking for hope
in my dim lit ideals
thinking i might stumble
onto something that's real
but so many years... so many years
of being so blind
of holding my own
of saying i'm fine
then You gave me faith
but not of my own
and it brought both the peace and hope
like i'd never known
You said You'd forgive... said You'd forgive

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