Blagoveschensk - My Native Town - сочинение на английском языке

I'd like to tell you about my native town Blagoveschensk. To begin with, it's not a town already, but a city, because about 300,000 of people live here. It's not ancient; it was founded in 1861. Every year at the beginning of summer we celebrate its birthday. It's important to mention that Blagoveschensk is the centre of the Amur Region. So, it goes without saying my native city is developing quite rapidly in different spheres. Many new houses, different establishments are being built now. By the way, Blagoveschensk is situated on the right bank of the river Amur. On the other bank China is located. Chinese city Hei-He is seen quite well from our embankment. I'd like to add that the citizens of our region can visit China every day. We don't need to have visa, but only a passport for traveling abroad. Some of our citizens prefer to see the New Year in in China. No doubt the embankment of the Amur is the most favourite place for spending days off and holidays. Just here one can see the central square of the city. The buildings of the Amur and the city governments, the main hotel "Yubileinaya," other official establishments form the centre of the city.
Blagoveschensk is a great cultural and educational centre not only in our region but also in the Far East. Young people of the whole Far East come here to study at Medical Academy, Amur State and Agricultural and Teacher's Universities, Polytechnic, Agricultural, Building and other colleges.
As a cultural centre Blagoveschensk is well known not only in Russia but also abroad. We participate in different international festivals in China, Korea and Japan.
The city museum which is situated up the central Lenin Street has different expositions on history, explorers and outstanding people of the region; nature and animal world.
Amur drama theatre is pride of our citizens. It's famous for its outstanding actors and actresses.
In conclusion I'd like to point out that our people are very fond of their city. Every day it's becoming more and more beautiful. I invite you to visit my native city and I'm sure you'll get a great pleasure.

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