Meat is good for our health - сочинение на английском языке

Have you ever wondered that the meat is good for our health? A lot of people think that meat is healthy food, but not all the people think so. Some of them are vegetarian. Vegetarians are people who don’t eat meat, but there’re meat-eaters - people who like to eat meat.

Most people think that meat is good for our health. On the one hand it’s possible to treat different diseases using it. Generally asking, protein and calories which are in the meat is necessary for our body. Meat is important vitamins and energy. From my point of view, the meat is one of the main parts of our food allowance.

On the other hand, vegetarians don't like that people kill animals for meat. Some of them sure that meat is fatty and they can’t digest it. Currently, the animals can be infected, as a result, animals are grown on antibiotics and chemicals therefore meat is expensive.

I think that this isn’t so important, because the heat treatment of animals eliminate infections. People eat the meat of those who are specifically grown for this purpose. Fat contains almost in everything. You shouldn’t economize on your health!

This leads to meat isn’t so bad meal. That’s really good for our health and consequently we should eat it for a good state of health. But it’s just my point of view and you can choose your way, furthermore some people don’t like the taste of meat.

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