Помогите переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную

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    У Вас неправильный порядок слов.
    The journalist asked when the central bank would lower the interest rate.

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  • Помогите плиззззз оч. срочно нужно... Из прямой в косвенную.
    1. "I have something to tell you," I said to her.
    2, "I met her for the first time on a warm sunny morning last spring," he said.
    3. "I am going to call again tomorrow, mother," she said.
    4. "I've been to Turkey twice, but so far I haven't had time to visit Istanbul," said Robert.
    5. "It will be very difficult to persuade her to take care of herself, doctor," I replied.
    6. "The president is to come to Madrid the day after tomorrow," said the BBC announcer.
    7. "We have a lift but very often it doesn't work," they said. They said
    8. "We have bought a new flat. But we don't like it so much as our last one," said my cousin.
    9, "I have left a message for him, but he hasn't phoned yet," she said.
    10, "I've no idea who has done it but I'll find out," said Peggy.
    11. He said, "My mother has just been operated on,"
    12. 'I'll come with you as soon as Fin ready," she replied to me.
    13. i have a French lesson this evening and I haven't done my homework yet," said the small boy.
    14. "She has been sitting* in the garden since the police came," I said to the officer.
    15. "You haven’t closed the window and has forgotten to turn off the light," he pointed out.

  • 1.I said that I had something to tell her.
    2.He said that he had met her for the first time on a warm sunny morning the spring before.
    3.She told her mother that she was going to call again the next day.
    4.Robert said that he had been to Turkey twice but he hadn't had time to visit Istanbul.
    5.I answered the doctor that it would be very difficult to persuade her to take care of herself.
    6.The BBC announcer said that the president was to come to Madrid two days later.
    7.They said that they had a lift but very often it didn't work.
    8.My cousin said that they had bought a new flat. But they didn't like it so much as their last one.
    9.She said that she had left a meesage for him but he hadn't phoned yet.
    10.Peggy said that she had no idea who had done it but she would find out.
    11.He said that his mother had just been operated on.
    12.She replied that she would come with me as soon as Fin was ready.
    13.The small boy said that he had a French lesson that evening and he hadn't done his homework yet.
    14.I told the officer that she had been sitting in the garden since the police had come.
    15.He pointed out that I hadn't closed the window and had forgotten to turn off the light.

  • Ребят помогите перевести из прямой в косвенную....пипец горю!!

    1. We asked them, “How did it happen?”
    2. He said to me, “I’ m absolutely sure”.
    3. I asked him, “Does the FBI investigate kidnapping?”
    4. He said, “The trial has been canceled”.
    5. They said “The coroners will inquire into unnatural deaths”.

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    1.We asked them how it had happened.
    2.He told me that he was absolutely sure.
    3.I asked him if the FBI investigated kidnapping.
    4.He said that the trial had been canceled.
    5.They said that the coroners would inquire into unnatural deaths.

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    1tom said, i am leaving for france in a few days.

    2kete said, i have never been to Brazil. i went to visit it this summer.

    3mother thought, well have to buy a lot of things for heiien when she goes to school next september.

    4she said, we became friends when we left college.

    5dennis says, she was not young as i expected.

    7the old woman said, i have lived in this house all my life.

    8he says, i know these places very well.

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