Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • but doesn't matter
    as soon as eb=nglish understand that i take money from them and give them to russians they got at leat upset
    their idea if they speak english i must be happy because i speak english to them
    i 'm but unfortainately i also eat and drink
    i alredy lost 25 kiliograms after i started to work with english'
    then i learned english perferctly
    then i learned everything perfectly and got two diplomas
    now they dont like my mom
    in my country
    it's getting more and more complicated

  • and if at first when really spoke bad englsh hey kept sayng 'm good
    other russns are bad now when speak good englsh they say i'm bad
    isnt it funny to establsh

  • you seem to be a rather unhappy person and not content with your work and your life
    what helped you to learn english perfectly?

  • strange
    the impression is that only happy people can speak good language
    i cant be happy i'm always unhappy from kinder gardern

  • but what the reson for it?why can't you change the situation?

  • i'm happy by myself that is the reason

  • so everything is not so bad aa it might seem at first sight

  • Sure

  • Hi, I study English independently and read this forum for practice.
    Thank you.

  • Hi, everybody!
    I've read this conversation and understood, some of you are very angry. It's not interesting to take part in this forum. It doesn't matter, who knows English better. The most important thing is communication and understanding each other and be kind. All the best!