Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • Hi, everybody!!!
    i'm glad to read that someone except me has the same problem - fear to loose english speaking skills!!!
    that's why i would be pleased to take part in English speaking forum.... of course if it is possible....

  • Hello to everybody desiring for perfection! I have the same problem - the lack of intellectual communication on different topics. So, everyone interested can write: lovedepression@rambler.ru or ICQ 387-057-034
    It would be great to organise a sort of discussion between several people in chat or comething like that.

  • Hi everybody and especially Serjio.I'm Yelena. I can state that English is my cup of tea, but im not going to finish on what I have already achived. So, my aim is to improve my English. Besides,I study German.

  • I neeed English grammar,vocabulary books

  • yes Im here