Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • I don’t want to be obtrusive, but there’s a proposal. Let’s make an English speaking brunch. Having analyzed all posts, I noticed that beginners are presented here mostly. I think that we could discuss on more complicated matters, not only on “how long does it take to learn English” (nothing personal!). Are there advanced students? Does anybody read English books, save for textbooks?
    Suppose we talk over films, books, hobby, interesting grammar events and what not. I know people of different interests, who speak English.
    I may be out of time, excuse an old man for old-fashion approach. If anybody has fear concerning his ability, try tests in the site. And, please, write English posts in “Word” beforehand, it will cure spelling mistakes.

  • Hulloa!I think, we have much in common,because my cherished desire is to keep in touch with people who is rather fluent in English!To tell the truth,I am greatly keen on studying foreign languages: French, Latin...Being entirely honest, I have a fear to lose my language skills and habits because of the lack of communication!Regardless of the time(afternoon/the latest night), I always in the desperate research of smth new and exciting(including work with foreign literature and looking through varoius foreign newspapers,brushing up over the grammar..).But sometimes it happens, when there is only one wish:to give up all this "foolishness" in order to have a rest and set your mind free. But it's merely the temporary thought.You are likely a very smart fellow!?drop me a line, if you are not so smart for me(I'm just joking).I can't even compare your immense abilities, as you described, with my poor supply of words(I'm joking again).I'm sure my note won't let you indifferent. good luck!

  • Nice to meet you, Alina! Nobody could stay indifferent to such an emphatic letter. I’ve been waiting for 2 days for answer, was about crestfallen (I like this word, utterly expressive!) and at last – there you are!
    Till now there are only two of us. Hardly it is reasonable to make a new brunch for two, in Forum, I mean. Let’s wait a while and see if there another “mind brothers” would come. If nobody appears, we’ll use e-mail.
    In brief about myself: engineer (a Leningrad Institute behind my shoulder), was abroad, like reading SF and thrillers, play guitar, harmonica, flute (“recorder”), know a little German, used to work as an English tutor (in hard times of “peresroika”). Used to dance and teach ball dancing. Purposely say nothing about my way in English – it’s a topic to speak of.

  • hi to everybody. let's make a famous company...
    will we?

  • You are fuc***g saying. Be easy in speaking, Having mistakes - it's cool.

  • and you're speaking on difficult language, :(
    botaniki :))

  • give up your style

  • honestly speaking, I'm just biginner. buy

  • Joy You are not right, pls have respect or dont read it.
    Hi everbody. It\s true tt you have dificult worlds in your diaologs but it is make me strong for teacheng English

  • So, dear advanced friends what we are going to discuss??