Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • Diana Hello ))) !!!

  • Good morning, ladies adn gentleman! I would support the proposal made by Irine. The absence of decent and interesting topic for discussion only makes a constraint in communication and futher development of our skill. I'm from Saint-Petersburg. Yesterday I've driven through the new section of "NW Speed Diameter", the ring - road round the city, so to speak. It became very convenient to drive from the North os the city to the South. It took me approximately 20 minutes to do it. Is anyone here from Saint-Petersburg? Perhaps anybody would like to discuss the life of the city where he lives?
    Well people, let's talk about anything and it will give us at least satisfaction from our aptitude to speak English.

  • Hello there, its my first topic in english here, and I hope that there wont be mistakes or something wrong else. I didnt read all these responses, so I know about what u talking badly. Could any of you check it message and write after it - what I did wrong? Thanks preliminary. Also I must speak that I learn English for three months only therefore I hope you wont be stern much.

  • Hello everyone! So have you arranged something to speak English to each other? If so, I would participate. While preparing for my IELTS, I was looking for the means to improve my spoken language and finally found PalTalk software. Although it matches all right my expectations: it is free; it appears to have native speakers involved in conversation and I may create my own voice chat room, I cannot help thinking it is not well-organised: sometimes people are just wasting their time playing music or saying 'hello' at all time.
    So, if we get it right with our own room, for instance, we will have pretty good solution to speak together over Internet. What d'u think?

  • hi guys, I would like to improve my English, maybe you know a special way that impove faster speaking , writing and listening skills, of couse it is depend a lot of things as a your ability to speak, listen ........
    now I have a problem with my listening skills, when I was talking through phone I didn't understand, ....
    has somebody problem the same with me?
    Also It is a very hard to understand to me indian , korean and chinese accent.......

  • Irine
    hi Irina, how are you?
    I am Rose, I have some question, How long have you been learn english? And how much time did you dedicate a day?
    did you learn with an instructor or by yourself?

  • Hi, guys! My name is Helen. Its my first time in this forum. I'm glad there are so many people eager to improve their English. As for me I'd like to have friends to socialize with also. I have an idea! Let's discuss your first experience abroad :-)

  • Hi all! I think it doesn't matter yet who I am and where I live, because here in the internet we are impersonal and we exist only on several pages. That's the greatest charm that everyone here is equal.
    This summer I visited Germany. I liked it there, but to tell the truth I met too many Nazis there and my heart sank when I saw the crowd of teenagers shouting something rude and horrible (even if you don't speak some languge at all, it's easy to understand the attitude to you). Thoght the policemen calmed them soon.
    I was in a workcamp there. Have anybody of you heard about it? It's the cheapest way of travelling abroad. I met there representatives from six countries, and some of them became my friends. I'll never forget that vicious moment - the day of our departure.

    P.S. If you see mistakes here, please do inform me.

  • Hi, OFF!
    Can u tell more about the workcamp u were in Germany? What did u do there (I mean types of activiteies and responsibilities)?!
    How can I get there?

  • >Helen
    With pleasure! I'm happy that I managed to arise your interest in it. Workcamps = Volunteer camps are to be found all over the world, mostly in Europe. I know two organisations which can help you to go there and provide you with all the necessary documents. world4u.ru and novoe-pokolenie.ru
    These trips are damned cheap but you'll have to work a little in return (2-3 hours a day except Weekends). You can choose the type of work you like - helping nature, looking after old people or kids etc - lots of activities. You can also choose accomodation. Usually the trip lasts 3 weeks. People over eighteen can feel free there almost at ease as they can do everything they want (legal :o)) All the responsibility of people under 18 take leaders of the camp (usually people between 20-25). The official language of the workcamp is english.
    You can get there by train, plane on bus. And in germany the system of local transport is very well-developed so one can easilly get to the place he needs using commuter trains.
    Look for more information on those websites. Good-bye! :o)

    P.S. If you see mistakes, please do inform me!