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  • hi to all. i love hemingway, poe, maugham, salinger, christie, their language is beautiful. but by some mysterious reason i dont use it. i take it from them and put it inside and store it there but it doesnt normally come out. how to deal one may ask...

  • Hello! Let me join your company. I'm from the Moscow region (Krasnogorsk). I'm a teacher of English at the some courses in MOscow.
    Would you like to help me with some lexical ploblem. The thing is that my 'intermediate' students were telling their stories about holidays and we met the necessity to define 'she-cousin' and 'he-cousin'. I am not sure that this way is correct. Can you give you ideas?
    According to the dictionary there are only "first cousin" and "second cousin". I suggested to use names as we couldn't understand the story.
    So any ideas about 'she-cousin' ans 'he-cousin'?

  • hey lesya!
    answering your question...
    theres no such thing as 'she-cousin' or 'he-cousin'. theres only 'cousin'.
    but if you are curious if its a boy or a girl...umm...
    you have to ask.

  • Thanks, angie. It's not a surprise for me. But the idea was that my student was telling a story about her "he-cousin"'s wedding, during which her "she -cousin" met her future husband. It was important to mention the sex.
    My idea was to use the names not to get lost in "cousins".
    After the lesson I consulted my colleagues. They rememberd something like "cousin-boy' and 'cousin-girl'. We tried to find some information in the E-E dictionaries but faild.
    Have you got any other ideas?

  • Lesya, i asked native speakers but they only proved what i had said before.

  • hello to everybody)
    This is what I was looking for)) I'm not so "advanced" as you are, friends, but I wish to reach that level.

  • hey people ! as i can notice all topics are used up .
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    the last date i can see here its 03 january.its pity
    i long to meet all of you again hope we all will be found in here in a short time ) i watch for ....

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