Tell me about yourself in english

  • Subzero, ICQ: 378-319-136. Surely I've get mistakens often, correct me please, I will be glad =).

    As far is I understand it's france and ispanish etc. Am I right?

  • "Men learn while they teach" (уча других, люди учатся сами)- фраза для общего просмотра =)

  • AleXxX, if you mean the languages of France and Spain, so they are French and Spanish respectively. But I talked about another one. This language is artificial that is made by people from different countries to speak free to each other. So, English is the natural language which is spoken mainly by Englishmen and Americans. Name it when you guess. :)

    By the way, I've added you into my ICQ.

  • Hi! My name is Aigul. I'm from Kazakhstan. I live in Karaganda. I'm 19. I study in Technical university. My major is 'Automation'. Now I'm sitting at the lesson in my university but I have nothing to do!!! So, when my teacher is far from me I like to attend this website.
    Also I like to listen to different kind of music and attend different English club in my city. It makes my life interesting. Write me something if you want

  • Hi! My name is Helen.

    I live in Saint-Petersburg. I study economics and work in a finfancial department of a rather large company.
    I've been learning english for a long time but i'm still don't think i'm excellent at it, mostly 'cause i have too little practice. I'm ready for correspondence and even for personal meeting (for talking only in english)if it is possible.. we may drink coffee somewhere in St.-Pet. on my account ))) ;-)

    my icq 358-814-551

  • to Aigul
    Hello Aigul, How do you think smoking and drinking is a bad habit? I know that some companies don't employ people who are smokers, Is it truth? How do you guess?
    What king of musik do you like? For exapmle I like Beatles, Queen and another groups.

  • Hello all! I'm a litle girl called Ksenia from small town called Stary Oskol in the south-west of Russia(near the Ukraine).I've learnt English for 3 years at school.But at school I didn't get a really knowledge,so I went to English courses.It was 2 years ago.I really enjoy learning Englis but I don't know a lot of things and my English is very bad as yet,so I'd like to communicate with sb for practise my language and consuetude.I haven't got many friends who can free chatting in English and it make me sad because I like it very much.

  • sorry for my mistakes,I wrote very fast and forgot to check

  • hi all! my name is Serhiy. I am from Ukraine. Currently I'm a student in English Language and Informatics Fundamentals in Sumy State Pedagogical University (the 4th course) After my studying in University I'd like to have business. I enjoy learning English too because it helps me to communicate to people from other culture as well as friends abroad. It's really very interesting to know new custom and traditions. As I like to travel English helps me with it greatly. I am take a great interest in club music such as drum'n'bass (i like underground very much). I like computing, sometimes reading some interesting excerpts of books or magazines.

  • aminolevulinic, are you sure you are at the 4th year of university? :))