Tell me about yourself in english

  • Hello. My name is Emma. I am 15. I like to listen jazz music and I like to sing. I also study English language because I want to speak English very well. I often communicate in the forums and I would like to find pen-friends in this forum to communicate in English. Will wait your tales. Bye.

  • You're wellcome.
    ICQ: 463-299-926.

  • Hola Emma!!!
    I wonder girl of fifteen years listen to the jazz!
    It is interesting to me which of musicians you do?

  • Evgeniy, I wonder too.

  • wtf are you talkin about guys? go and learn some English rules =) Im about the grammar rules... Im pretty sure that you did it, but in your sentences alot of god damn mistakes =)

  • Hello! My name is Marina. I am 18 years old. I live in Kazahstan, Almaty. I want to learne English very vell. Maybe correspondence will help me? How you think?

  • hello Emma you had mistake--- wait for your tales--you mast write

  • you must write

  • You can write to me.

  • marisha and is that the only mistake you found in Emma's post? :) rather funny :)