Tell me about yourself in english

  • Sory for mistake, I`ve meant It is not supposed to be very cheallenging.

  • Subzero, I simply suggest. you are live in the Prokopeisk, well, but where it is? Maybe south of Russia or west of Russia, where? please tell me. I live in the Blagoveshensk in the Far East of Russia, on the boder with China. Subzero Do you like beer?

  • Hello golos(Alex) my name is Alex call me Sasha or AleXxX. Nice to meet you =). Are you study in the Sounthern Ural State University? As far is a know Chelaibinsk is a very big city, Am I right? I know when it be found. What's a course?

  • Subzero Why do you study on foreign depatment? Do you like English? I wonder

    I looked for the Prokopjevsk.

  • nativespeaker

    Hi! Whoever you are, I swing with you flat out. These Russians guys are no good at all. Mish-mash stuff! But what's funny, they sincerely think they're quite excellent at English. What a shame!

  • Ho do yuo do! Inglesh is teribl!

  • Екатерина, you're not Russian as I can see, so Russian is not the native language for you. There is the same situation with English. Russian learners, it doesn't matter what level of the language they have, will always be making mistakes in their speech and writing. It is inevitable. And if you're not Russian, you will be mistaken trying to speak and write in Russian. It's simple. There are some Russian learners who think they really speak perfect English and it looks rather funny, however native speakers should help them, not to laugh at.
    P.S. Judging by your name, you're Russian. :)

  • Boogieman, you should have looked up in a dictionary before writing here.

    AleXxX, I don't like beer at all. I don't smoke as well. :)
    I prefer English to other languages and subjects that is why I am a sophomore of such a faculty.

  • Subzero

    Thanks a lot for your prompt responding. Your guess about me being Russian is absolutely correct. I was just using a different course of English to be able to write and talk the way, which misleads most of my country fellows into thinking that I'm kind of a native speaker. Sometimes, I take advantage of that just to ked them if I see they deserve to be made a fool of. Accidentally, I'm in a big hurry to get out of Moscow right now, but I promise to write you again the moment I'm back next Tuesday, okay? Nice been talking!