Tell me about yourself in english

  • Subzero, I see you point, by the way I don't like beer too =)

  • AleXxX, when did you understand that English is what you want to study?

  • Subzero,As far is I understood a your question knoledge of English will help me in my future life, wokr and career. I want to speak in english well,moreover a very well! English has become an International language of communication in the world =). Do you agree with me?
    And Why do you study english? due to a your faculty?

  • Subzero What's the weather like today at your town??

  • Have you ever smoked "anything magic"? I hope you`ve ceached what I`ve meant

  • golos, Whom a question?

  • What does it mean "ceached"?

  • Hello!My name is Ann. I have been studied English 2 eyars. It is very heavy to mi!!!Help mi!!!

  • Ann, Any education hardly =). Where do you study? I think you will get to know English If you want ;). Write here!

  • AleXxX, you are making many mistakes. Look in a dictionary if you are not sure in writing a word. Can you give me your ICQ so that I can explain all your mistakes to you? Having understood them once, you will never make them again. :)

    As for your opinion of English being an international language, I couldn't agree more.
    But there is another international language that is used all over the world. Can you name it? :)

    Talking about the weather in my town, it is still winter, the temperature is about 2 degress below zero, windy and slight snow is falling. Though it was much warmer a few days ago. There it is.