Tell me about yourself in english

  • Hi, my mane is Helen. I am 17. I like to listen music and sing. I want to speak English very well. I would like to find friends.))))

  • Hi, my name is Aigerim.I'm from Kazakhstan.I'm a student & i'm 21.I would like to chat with foreign students. my mail address is
    thank you for your attention

  • Hello! My name is Nastya I am fifteen. I am like reading and walk with my friends. I have already learned English for 1,5 year. I want to speak English very well because i want to connect my future profession with English.

  • Hello!!!My name is Valentina. I am from Kon-Kolodez. I am sixteen. I like to read books and write poems. I started learn English when I was at six form. I fond of English because it is an international language. I want to be translator.

  • Hi) I'm Asya. I'm 14 years old..I have finished 7th form in this year))I study english 3rd year and I have pre-intermediate level.
    I'm keen on english because I want to be an interpreter when I grow up))I think it's interesting proffesion,don't it?))
    My hobbies are playing sports (best of all I like playing volleyball) and also I enjoy drawing and fishing))
    I want to talk with interesting people in english))) write me in ICQ^627923693

  • My name is Tanya. I'm 22 years old and I'm studying at the Linguistic University. I'd like to communicate with people who speaks English)

  • Hello, everyone!
    My name is Alina. Languages in common (and English particularly) are one of my greatest passions in life. I am eager to find someone who is as interested as I am. Let me tell just a little bit about myself so you could decide whether you would like to spend some time chatting with me or you'd rather go do something else. I am 21 and I live in Yakutsk (it's in Russia). I love rock music (Evanescence, Flyleaf, Korn, A Perfect Circle, Nightwish and many other bands). My hobbies also include computer and natural sciences (yes, I am a 'nerd' if that what you're thinking about). Okay, turns out, my message is not so short, but... to hell with it :)
    How can you communicate with me:
    1) write me on e-mail:
    Thanks for reading this if you did :)

  • Hello! My name is Irina! I'm from Kazakhstan. I'm 16. I have learned English with my english class for 8 months. But my speaking isn't very well. I wish I could speak better...)

  • I have the feeling that Emma wanted to find some pen-friends here though error-analysis was what she found.))) I think that the wish to speak English well whe you are 15 deserves some respect. All I wanted was guys and discos)))

  • Добрый день Мне нужен рассказ о себе с переводом, помогите пожелуйста