Let's communicate in English!

  • Hi! I'd like to speak to you! Write to me and I'll be glad to answer! My e-mail mari@mail.ru

  • Hi Mari! My name is Nicolya.I live in Ekaterinburg. Where do you live? How old are you?

  • Hello! I'm from Ukraine. I'm 16, so I study at school? And how old are you, where do you work or study?

  • Hi,Mari. I'm from Moskow. Thought I older then you, I want communicate too. My name Irina. I've learned Englich for two year myself,but this year I desided to study strong and enter to the institute.

  • Hi human. My name is Alecsey. I`m from Nowgorod I`m 23 years old. I study English 2 months in special english courses & i writing book Alecsandr Dragunkin. I`ts book very nice.
    My target it`s intermidiate level. I want speak to english I need practice Please writing my My icq 197831755. See you

  • Hello, everybody! My name is Olesya! ( 24 years old) I am from Novosibirsk! Want to find some guy or girl who talking on english language better when I am :-)) If you want chating with me - connecting by ICQ 496-179-742. I will be happy to SEE YOU IN my contact :-)

  • Hi, people. My name is Ulzhan. I`m from Kazakhstan. I want to practice my English. I need your help, guys! My e-mail is UMukhamedgalieva@miras-astana.kz
    I`m waiting for your answers!!!

  • People, let's move and discuss interestings things, but of course in English!

  • Hi everybody! My name is Olga. I'm from Saint-Petersbourg. I need practice too... my ICQ 464-091-914

  • pavka, I have an intermediate level ) But it's not quite clear why you are greeting the people using the word "human"... it is just a biological term.

    Ok, guys and girls, I've got something to tell you: while you are here in this forum you are using different simple phrases and popular expressions, but when you will be talking to each other by means of ICQ, it will be rather difficult.

    First, try to talk to a foreigner and then say if you are ready for real talks or not.

    By the way, I'm Igor.