Let's communicate in English!

  • help is here!!!!!
    I jast tryingto seak with u

  • Hallo, everybody! It's a good idea to communicate in English, because You will certainly be able to practise Your English and to improve It a great deal. Good luck! See You. Sicerely, Lion.

  • Hello! My name is Kate.I` d like to communicate in English as well. I`d be glad to talk to interesting people, improve my English and probably I`ll find some friends! This year I entered the university, so I`m on the ground course now. Everybody who wants to communicate in English write to me,please. As I have no much free time now, I prefer e-mail))) kateemerald@rambler.ru; (353050105))

  • Chao everybody!) I want to speak English better)))...Let's help to each other)!
    this is my icq №: 235914954

  • Ребята давайте создадим чат где все сможем на английском писать

  • Hello everyone! I'm here for the first time, but I already love this site! Sorry, if you make mistakes - not very well know English ...
    So.. My name is Dasha, I'm 16. I live in Ukraine.
    I want to improve my English!

  • hello i only want to writing in english for improve it......so my email is cute_1763@mail.ru

  • Hi! I'm a student and I would like communicate. My name is Iness. I like to read books and write. My e-mail

  • Add meh 2! I am cool English speaker! skype: Georgeyak1

  • hello. My name is Yulya. I need some practice.Help me, please)
    me mail is yulya_bilous2112@mail.ru
    waiting from you)))