Let's communicate in English!

  • Subzero It's very funny))) Hi homo sapiens))))))

  • Alexander Hello my friend! How are things? :)

  • 2Subzero and Alexander:
    Don't make jokes on Pavka, he has been studying English only for 2 months and considering this it is very brave to try to speak and write something. For me it seems to be huge progress in such short period. I strongly believe that the main obstacle in starting speaking is fear to make mistakes. So, lets support and encourage each other!
    Who wants to chat with me can write me by icq 109331840 (but, please, mention that you are from this forum, otherwise I can ignore the message from stranger).

  • Invisible and who makes jokes? I wonder :)
    Everybody says: "let's... let's" and does any of them know what it means in full? :) I mean beginners.

  • Hi, guys!!!!( or ladys and gentlmen - whatever you like!!)I am Katrin.Is there anybody who needs real help in English? I will be extremely happy to help you with this stuff!!! I really want to help somebody and be usefull with all my knowledge!!Just let me know!!!!

  • I am sorry, forgot to tell you my e-mail, here it is: happy-forever@yandex.ru!!
    p.s. Hey, it seems as people enter this forum very very seldom, because I have been already for three hours in NET, but still can`t see anybody to talk to.Helooooooo!!!!! Is there any English - speaking person there?

  • Yes, I am here. Do not shout, please. Everybody is sleeping at the moment. :)

  • I would like to find out if there is any person who knows any exchange program for students (connected with English). I will be very grateful for your help!

  • pavka hey)well...mmm)i've knocked on your icq number)if you see me)my name is Lena)would be funny to talk to you.

  • by the way)448 471 769 waiting for everyone.