Let's communicate in English!

  • help is here!!!!!
    OOOOOO, my Gooooddddd!!! It can't be truth!!! I'm Shushan. I live in USA only some month, but it's very difficult to learn English! I think, my English is too bad, that why I need help in Grammar and conversation. It might be interesting to speak with to each other....... Lets try to find an interesting obgects. for example - what kind of books do you like to read?

  • Subzero I have taken a srong liking to your English style. Some small mistakes like 'when you will be talking'. Apart from this, you're heading in the right direction, let me admit it.

  • In my opinion - ICQ belongs to yesterday! Let's speake by Skype guys!!! Mine is - Jovanna777 wait for answer!!!

  • Hello, I'm Irina,& I want communicate in English. Wrire me best_quality@mail.ru I will answer. Goog bye))

  • hello, I'm George Bush and I want to communicate with russian people but I think their don't know english well as I. Who wants to try the chance with me?
    Hey, people! Do you Olympic Games in Beijing? Russia is expected to be a have the third place on the Olympic Games. How do you think it can be?

  • *know

  • Hello, I'm Irina, 23years old, from Kursk. I will be happy if will recieve letter from YOU! & will answer certainly!!!!! my mail: jizn_precrasna@mail.ru

  • George Bush!? It's not funny, bad nick-name. Now we are fourth in Olympic Games

  • hi guys, i`m Lusine from Ukraine, let`s speak in English

  • help is here!!! to you
    My English is not bad, but i need to improve it. I`ll be happy to communicate with u!