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  • get/have the green light
    получить добро, получить зелёный свет
    They got the green light to begin working at their project.
  • grass is always greener on the other side
    нам кажется, что то чего у нас нет, лучше того, что у нас есть
    "Don't quit your present job; don't think that grass is always greener on the other side."
  • gray matter
    мозг, серое вещество
    The detective used his gray matter and effectively solved the murder of an old woman.
  • green
    неопытный незрелый человек, "салага"
    "I want you to instruct this new worker; he is green and he doesn't know his job yet."
  • green around the gills
    неважно выглядеть, выглядеть больным
    Sabina looked green around the gills after the long flight to Chicago.
  • green belt
    зелёная зона (вокруг города)
    Unfortunately there is no green belt around our city.
  • green thumb
    опытный\ умелый овощевод
    My Grandfather told me that I have a green thumb.
  • green with envy
    завистливый (человек), позеленеть от зависти
    The little boy became green with envy when he saw his friend's new roller-skates.
  • green-eyed monster
    "I don't want you to be consumed by the green-eyed monster; it will strongly affect your life."
  • greenhorn
    зелёный юнец, молокосос
    Albert is still a greenhorn and he has much to learn about his job.
  • have a yellow streak
    быть трусливым
    The young man looks strong and healthy, but has a yellow streak and I don't advise you to rely on him.
  • in (someone's) black books
    быть в немилости у кого-либо
    Mr. Blackberry has been in his wife's black books since he started to come home late.
  • in the pink (of condition)
    в расцвете сил, в превосходном состоянии
    Fred was in the pink and was doing quite well.
  • lend color to (something)
    добавить колоритное сопровождение к чему-либо
    Beautiful music helped to lend color to the performance.
  • like waving a red flag in front of a bull
    злить или раздражать кого-либо
    Talking about our neighbor with my mother is like waving a red flag in front of a bull.
  • local color
    местный колорит
    The small monastery added some local color to our town.
  • look at/see the world through rose-colored glasses
    смотреть на мир сквозь розовые очки
    John is too optimistic and he always looks at the world through rose-colored glasses.
  • off-color
    нездоровый вид, непристойная шутка, не совсем тот цвет
    Tom finds delight in telling off-color jokes.
  • out of the blue
    Eva hadn't expected that Jack would propose marriage; it came out of the blue.
  • out of the red
    вылезти из долгов
    I am happy that my small company is out of the red at last.
  • paint the town red
    устроить весёлую вечеринку, предаваться шумному веселью
    Jimmy didn't work, spent a lot of money and painted the town red. It was all quite normal.
  • pink slip
    уведомление об увольнении
    Jimmy has just received a pink slip, and it has greatly upset him.
  • pitch-black
    очень темно, "хоть глаз выколи"
    All the shutters were closed, and it was pitch-black in the room.
  • pot calling the kettle black
    кто бы говорил, а ты бы помалкивал (оба хороши)
    "You were as good a son as I was a brother. It's like the pot calling the kettle black."
  • put (something) down in black and white
    записать что-либо чёрным по белому
    They told me to put the agreement down in black and white.
  • raise/wave a white flag
    сдаться, выкинуть белый флаг
    During the discussion I understood that I would have to raise a white flag and give up arguing.
  • red flag
    сигнал, предупреждающий об опасности
    The driver stopped the car and raised a red flag before he started to change a mag wheel.
  • red herring
    отвлекающий манёвр, что-либо сбивающее со следа
    The military maneuvers are a red herring, and they are not related to the matters of peace in this area.
  • red in the face
    смутиться, покраснеть
    Zeta was red in the face after I had disclosed all her lies.
  • red-carpet treatment
    обращаться по-королевски
    I want to give a red-carpet treatment to my friends when they come to visit me.
  • red-eye
    ночной рейс, прибывающий рано утром
    They had to take a red-eye flight to be able to get to London on the appointed day.
  • red-hot
    имеющий большой спрос
    Thanks to the advertising the new book has become red-hot and many people want to buy it.
  • red-letter day
    праздник, памятный день, "красный день календаря"
    It was a red-letter day for Richard as nobody bothered him that day.
  • roll out the red carpet
    встречать важного гостя
    They rolled out the red carpet when the US President came for a visit.
  • sail under false colors
    скрыть своё настоящее имя, "плыть под чужим флагом"
    Hudson had the wisdom to sail under false colors in that foolish jaunt of his.