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  • as black as a skillet
    очень чёрный (как сковорода)
    Alan's hands were as black as a skillet when he finished repairing his car.
  • as black as a stack of black cats
    очень чёрный (как множество чёрных кошек)
    Tina's dress was as black as a stack of black cats.
  • as black as a sweep
    очень грязный (как трубочист)
    "Look! You are as black as a sweep! What have you done to your face and hands?"
  • as black as coal
    чёрный как смоль
    The man had a dark complexion, and his hair was as black as coal.
  • as black as night
    черный как ночь"
    The old house was as black as night when we entered it.
  • as black as pitch
    тёмный как ночь
    Approaching the house, we saw that it was as black as night.
  • as black as the ace of spades
    очень чёрный (как негр)
    When she returned from the beach, she was as black as the ace of spades.
  • as red as a cherry
    ярко-красный (как вишня)
    Sara wore bright red sandals and her dress was as red as a cherry.
  • as red as a poppy
    ярко-красный (как мак)
    I fell down the stairs, and the mark on my knee was as red as a poppy.
  • as red as a rose
    красный как роза (интенсивный красный)
    The man's nose was as red as a rose from intensive drinking.
  • as red as a ruby
    красный (рубиновый оттенок)
    Marion likes deep red and her lips are usually as red as a ruby.
  • as red as blood
    красный как кровь
    I spilled red ink on the table and the stain was as red as blood.
  • as white as a ghost
    бледный как смерть (как призрак)
    Pam looked as white as a ghost after her illness.
  • as white as a sheet
    бледный как полотно
    When they told Pauline about the accident, she became as white as a sheet.
  • as white as the driven snow
    белый как снег
    The sheets on the bed were as white as the driven snow.
  • black and blue
    (быть) в синяках
    I bruised my arm and it was black and blue for a long time.
  • black and white
    видеть что-либо только в чёрно-белым свете
    My friend Melanie sees everything only in black and white.
  • black box
    чёрный ящик
    After the airplane crash the investigators tried to find the black box of the airplane.
  • black eye
    синяк под глазом
    When the boys appeared in the room, one of them had a black eye and the other a cut lip; they had been fighting.
  • black market
    чёрный рынок
    We bought a few things at the black market.
  • black out
    сделать затемнение
    I drew the curtains to black out the bedroom so that the rays of the sun wouldn't wake me up.
  • black-tie event/affair
    официальное (формальное) мероприятие
    The Nobel Prize award ceremony was a black-tie affair.
  • blackball (someone)
    подвергать остракизму, отвергать кого-либо
    The children blackballed one of the boys because he told on them.
  • blacklist (someone)
    вносить кого-либо в чёрный список
    The football team was blacklisted because it didn't obey the rules.
  • blackmail (someone)
    шантажировать кого-либо
    The police found the man who had been blackmailing a prosperous businessman.
  • blackout
    временная задержка информации, засекреченность
    The police decided to have a blackout regarding the information related to the investigation of the murder.
  • blue in the face
    (спорить) до посинения, до изнеможения
    Adam argued with his wife till he was blue in the face, but she didn't give in.
  • blue-ribbon
    знак отличия
    The blue-ribbon of the Atlantic is held by the liner that has the record for the fastest crossing.
  • brown bag it
    брать обед с собой на работу
    I had to brown bag it every day of the week because there is no cafeteria in our office building.
  • carte blanche
    карт-бланш (свобода или разрешение делать что-либо)
    Steve wanted to be given carte blanche to change the policies in his department.
  • catch (someone) red-handed
    быть захваченным с поличным
    The shop assistant caught a customer red-handed when she was stealing some clothes.
  • chase rainbows
    пытаться достичь недостижимого
    "If you don't stop chasing rainbows, you won't achieve anything."
  • dyed-in-the-wool
    стопроцентный, закоренелый
    My cousin Helen is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, and I don't think she will ever change.
  • ears are red
    смутиться (уши покраснели от смущения)
    I saw that Gina was embarrassed because her ears were red.
  • get/have gray hair
    Ms. Pottly is constantly worried about her son; she is getting gray hair from all the stress.