Идиомы на букву G

  • give (someone) the green light
    разрешить, дать зелёный свет кому-либо
    So far Gordon was not given the green light to start work on the new project.
  • green
    неопытный незрелый человек, "салага"
    "I want you to instruct this new worker; he is green and he doesn't know his job yet."
  • green around the gills
    неважно выглядеть, выглядеть больным
    Sabina looked green around the gills after the long flight to Chicago.
  • green belt
    зелёная зона (вокруг города)
    Unfortunately there is no green belt around our city.
  • green thumb
    опытный\ умелый овощевод
    My Grandfather told me that I have a green thumb.
  • green with envy
    завистливый (человек), позеленеть от зависти
    The little boy became green with envy when he saw his friend's new roller-skates.
  • green-eyed monster
    "I don't want you to be consumed by the green-eyed monster; it will strongly affect your life."