Идиомы на букву G

  • get one's hands on (someone or something)
    найти кого-либо \ что-либо (с трудом)
    Jimmy was trying hard to get his hands on the documents.
  • get out of hand
    выйти из повиновения
    The meeting got out of hand and the police asked the participants to disperse.
  • give (someone) a big hand
    аплодировать кому-либо
    The audience gave the actors a big hand when they finished their performance.
  • give (someone) a free hand
    предоставить кому-либо свободу действий
    I asked Mr. Bobtail to give me a free hand to make my own work schedule.
  • give (someone) a hand with (something)
    помочь кому-либо в чём-либо
    My Mom does the laundry twice a week and Dad often gives her a hand with ironing.
  • glad hand (someone)
    тепло приветствовать кого-либо
    Mark glad handed the people who came to support him.
  • go away empty-handed
    уйти ни с чем, с пустыми руками
    I wasn't able to get an English-English dictionary in the book store, so I went away empty-handed.
  • go hand in hand (with something)
    идти рука об руку, быть тесно связанным с чем-либо
    Martha was a woman in whom utter devotion could still go hand in hand with a doubting soul.