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  • heartbeat away from (something)
    лицо, к которому перейдёт титул, наследство или власть в случае смерти родственника
    Sofia, the young princess was a heartbeat away from becoming the next queen of her country.
  • in one's heart of hearts
    в глубине души
    Ron swore he would stake me, but in my heart of hearts I knew I couldn't trust him.
  • know (something) by heart
    знать что-либо наизусть
    Jane has a very good memory and she knows many poems by heart.
  • learn (something) by heart
    выучить что-либо наизусть
    The teacher told the pupils to learn the grammar rule by heart.
  • lose heart
    падать духом, впадать в уныние, отчаиваться
    George seemed to have lost heart in the business after that.
  • not have the heart to do (something)
    быть не нерасположенным делать что-либо, "сердце не лежит к чему-либо"
    I did not have the heart to clean the house that day.
  • open one's heart to (someone)
    довериться, рассказать о своих чувствах
    There were just the two of us in the compartment and my fellow traveler started to open her heart to me.
  • pour one's heart out (to someone)
    излить душу кому-либо, высказать самое заветное
    I saw that something was worrying Fanny and I said she would feel better if she poured her heart out to me.
  • search one's heart/soul
    раздумывать (над чем-либо)
    Since his wife's death in a car crash, Tim had been searching his soul to see if he could have prevented the accident.
  • set one's heart against (something)
    быть настроенным против чего-либо
    At first my mother set her heart against taking a dog from the animal shelter, but then she yielded to her son's request.
  • set one's heart on (something)
    быть направленным к достижению какой-либо цели
    Samantha set her heart on becoming an actress.
  • sick at heart
    быть очень расстроенным
    When I learnt about my cousin's troubles with the law, I became sick at heart.
  • strike at the heart of (something)
    ударить в самое сердце
    Her husband's infidelity struck at the heart of Mira's idea of a happy family life.
  • take (something) to heart
    принимать что-либо близко к сердцу
    Poor little Jennet! She took things awfully to heart.
  • take heart
    воспрянуть духом, подбодриться
    "It is impossible not to take heart in the company of such a nice person like you."
  • to one's heart's content
    сколько душе угодно
    I borrowed a few books from the library so that I could read them to my heart's content.
  • tug at (someone's) heartstrings
    заставить кого-либо испытывать жалость, сочувствие
    Seeing two helpless little kittens in a cardboard box outside, tugged at my heartstrings.
  • warm the cockles of (someone's) heart
    радовать кого-либо, согревать душу
    They treated him as if he had just come back from the North Pole, and it warmed the cockles of his heart.
  • way to (someone's) heart
    путь к чьему-либо сердцу
    They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
  • win (someone's) heart
    добиться чьей-либо любви, расположения
    "If you want to win Leona's heart, you should be kind and caring to her."
  • with all one's heart (and soul)
    всей душой, охотно, искренне
    Lucy is a wonderful woman; I admire her with all my heart and soul.
  • young at heart
    (быть) молодым душой
    My Uncle Tom is about eighty but he is still young at heart.