• at stake

    (быть) поставленным на карту, рисковать

    The situation was very risky and George felt as if his whole life were at stake.
  • back down

    отступать, отказываться от своих притязаний или требований

    I could see that Allan would back down if I stood firm.
  • back out (of something)

    отказываться от обещания, уклоняться, отступать

    "Look here, Adam! You have made a promise, and you can't back out of it."
  • ball is in (someone's) court

    приоритетное решение кого-либо (на чье-либо усмотрение)

    The ball is in your court; it's up to you to make the next step in negotiations.
  • beat around the bush

    не давать прямого ответа, "ходить вокруг да около"

    "Stop beating around the bush. I want to get a direct answer."
  • bog down

    застрять, увязнуть

    I have bogged down with all that typing I need to do today.
  • break down

    проваливаться, терпеть неудачу

    We had grand plans, but they all broke down.
  • break off

    внезапно прекращать, обрывать

    Trenton was too courteous; he would not break off negotiations.
  • break through

    успешно преодолеть (трудности)

    Dr. Salk failed many times, but he finally broke through to find a successful vaccine.
  • breakthrough

    успех, достижение, прорыв

    This project experienced a major breakthrough after a long process of experimentation.
  • bring (someone) to terms

    заставить кого-либо придти к соглашению

    Tim and Tom, the twin brothers, were brought to terms by their mother for riding the pony.
  • bring (something) off

    осуществлять что-либо, успешно завершать

    Lionel attempted almost the impossible and brought it off.
  • bring up (something)

    поднимать вопрос, заводить разговор

    I was hoping someone would bring up the question of the parking lot.
  • call off (something)

    отменять что-либо

    They called off the meeting because there was no quorum.
  • call the shots

    командовать, распоряжаться

    Mr. Gougle is calling the shots; he is in control of the company at present.
  • cave in to (someone or something)

    уступать кому-либо \ чему-либо, отступать, сдаваться

    My mother caved in to my request for more pocket money.
  • close a deal

    успешно завершить переговоры

    Unfortunately they couldn't close the deal though they worked hard to achieve good results.
  • close ranks

    сомкнуть ряды, объединиться

    "We are facing hard times, so I appeal to you to close ranks."
  • come back with an offer

    вернуться к переговорам с новым предложением

    They were able to come back with a new offer and close the deal.
  • come in low

    предложить низкую цену

    Our product was not selling well, so we had to come in low.
  • come to terms

    придти к соглашению

    The Chief Executive and the labor union came to terms, and the strike was prevented.
  • come up in a discussion

    стать предметом дискуссии

    The issue of extra office hours suddenly came up in a discussion during the meeting.
  • common ground

    общие интересы

    The negotiations did not go well because there was no common ground between the negotiators.
  • continue down to the wire

    продолжать, тянуть до последнего

    Though the negotiations continued down to the wire they didn't end successfully.
  • cover ground

    поговорить, (многое) обсудить,

    The committee was in session for two hours and was able to cover much ground.
  • cut (someone) off

    прервать кого-либо, обрывать разговор

    Ben tried to tell his mother about the accident, but she cut him off before he had any opportunity.
  • down to the wire

    вплоть до крайнего срока

    The workers went down to the wire and were able to complete the construction of the bridge on time.
  • drag on

    утомительно тянуться

    The meeting dragged on for more than two hours.
  • draw the line

    установить предел, ограничить

    The government had to draw the line at selling imported goods in the country.
  • draw up (something)

    записать, составить что-либо (в письменном виде)

    He drew up the deeds and agreements for the real estate company.
  • drive a hard bargain

    заключить сделку без уступок

    Although we drove a hard bargain, our partners were quite content.
  • drive at (something)

    намекать на что-либо

    "I do not know what you are driving at."
  • face down (someone)

    осадить кого-либо, нагнать страху

    I had to face down the blackmailer who was threatening me.
  • fall through

    потерпеть неудачу, провалиться

    Through no fault of theirs the plan fell through.
  • fifty-fifty

    в равных долях, пятьдесят на пятьдесят

    My husband and I share household chores fifty-fifty.