Идиомы на тему Negotiations

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  • raw deal
    несправедливо суровое отношение
    Ron got a raw deal; he was treated unfairly, I am sure.
  • reach a stalemate
    зайти в тупик
    The negotiations reached a stalemate, and it will be difficult to start them again.
  • reach first base
    сделать главный шаг навстречу кому-либо \ чему-либо
    Jameson was not able to reach first base with his partner.
  • read between the lines
    читать между строк
    Millicent might have read between the lines; she might have had more knowledge about her husband's character.
  • rock-bottom offer
    самая низкая предлагаемая цена
    The rock-bottom offer to buy this radio is $25.
  • setback
    неудача, регресс, задержка
    The family suffered a setback when the head of the family lost his job.
  • smooth (something) over
    представить что-либо в лучшем свете, уладить
    Hardly had I smoothed one problem over when another one appeared.
  • stack the cards/deck for or against (someone or something)
    настроить кого-либо за или против
    Marion felt that they had stacked the cards against her, that she had never had a fair choice.
  • start the ball rolling
    начать что-либо делать
    I think it's time I started the ball rolling.
  • stick to one's guns
    не сдавать позиций, держаться стойко
    Gregory was man enough to stick to his guns.
  • take sides
    встать на чью-либо сторону, примкнуть к той или иной стороне
    It is always safer to take sides with a stronger party.
  • talk (someone) into (doing something)
    уговорить кого-либо сделать что-либо
    I talked my friends into taking a car trip to the country.
  • talk (someone) out of (something)
    отговорить кого-либо от чего-либо, разубедить
    I tried to talk my husband out of buying a spots car, so far without any success.
  • talk (something) over
    обсудить что-либо, обговорить
    "I'd like to talk over the existing problem with you, if you don't mind."
  • throw (someone) a curve
    сбить кого-либо с толку, обмануть
    John threw me a curve about the hiring of new employees.
  • under the wire
    в самый последний момент
    His pictures for the exhibition were due on Saturday and they were delivered at the end of the day, just under the wire.
  • undercut (someone)
    сбивать цену; продавать по более низким ценам, чем конкурент
    The new grocery store intended to have undercut the other stores in the area, but it failed to do it.
  • water (something) down
    сглаживать, смягчать
    His story was watered down by making the details less vivid.
  • wheel and deal
    торговаться, договариваться
    Mr. Smith made a fortune by wheeling and dealing on the stock market.
  • wind up
    заканчивать, прекращать
    Jim followed the path to the right and wound up where he started.
  • wrap up
    сворачивать что-либо, заканчивать
    The construction workers wrapped up the job and went home.