Идиомы на букву P

  • pull (someone's) leg
    подшучивать над кем-либо, дурачить кого-либо
    Nathan is fond of playing tricks on people and he is always pulling my leg when he sees me.
  • pull (someone's) tooth out
    выдернуть \ удалить кому-либо зуб
    I had a terrible toothache the other day, and was relieved when the dentist pulled my tooth out.
  • pull (something) off
    удачно завершить что-либо
    The plan was difficult and risky, but they pulled it off.
  • pull (something) out of a hat
    получить что-либо, как будто бы по волшебству
    The young man had applied for a grant and was fortunate to pull it out of a hat.
  • pull one's (own) weight
    принимать участие в чём-либо, свой вклад в общее дело
    My mother wanted me to pull my weight in cleaning the house.
  • pull one's hair out
    быть расстроенным, обеспокоенным
    Don't pull your hair out even if you discover that you are not a genius.
  • pull the wool over (someone's) eyes
    вводить кого-либо в заблуждение, "втирать очки"
    "You are telling me a pack of lies. Don't think you can pull the wool over my eyes like that."
  • pull through
    выздороветь (после тяжёлой болезни), выкарабкаться
    Collin's father had a serious heart attack and they are afraid he might not pull through.
  • pull up one's socks
    напрячь силы, подтянуться
    "If I were you, I'd pull my socks up, or you will not be able to continue taking this class."