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  • arrow in one's quiver
    чьё-либо преимущество перед другими (досл. ещё одна стрела в колчане)
    Her good knowledge of the computer was another arrow in her quiver, which helped her to get a good job.
  • at this stage of the game
    в момент какого-либо события, в разгар чего-либо
    At this stage of the game it is quite impossible to change our plans.
  • ballpark estimate/figure
    приблизительная оценка или цифра
    I'd like to be given a ballpark figure as to how much it would cost to buy a house.
  • be cricket
    честная игра, джентльменское поведение
    The way Ernest Fitzpatrick treated his employees was not cricket.
  • beat the gun
    опережать, (досл. делать что-либо перед финальным свистком)
    One of the football players was able to beat the gun and scored a goal.
  • behind the eight ball
    оказаться в невыгодном положении (досл. чёрный шар под номером 8 в бильярде)
    Benny seemed to be behind the eight ball; he didn't win a scholarship for which he had great hopes.
  • beyond one's depth
    столкнуться с трудностями
    Robert appeared to be beyond his depth; he picked a fight with his boss and lost the battle.
  • blow the whistle on someone
    донести на кого-либо (досл. судья свистит в свисток, если кто-либо провинится)
    Jack blew the whistle on the criminal activities of Marshall.
  • bounce something (an idea) off someone
    проверить чью-либо реакцию (относительно идеи или предложения)
    Joe bounced his idea for the trip to Russia off his girlfriend.
  • carry the ball
    быть ответственным
    The Dean made up his mind to let his secretary carry the ball on the time table of the coming exams.
  • clear a hurdle
    преодолеть препятствие
    There were a lot of obstacles on his way to success, but Leo finally managed to clear the major hurdles.
  • come out of left field
    (быть) совершенно неожиданным
    Her decision to immigrate to Canada came out of left field.
  • cover all of one's bases
    тщательно подготовиться
    Kevin Roberts covered all of his bases before running for Governor.
  • dive right into something
    моментально включиться во что-либо
    It was decided to have a homecoming party and the students dived right into arranging it.
  • down/out for the count
    Joe seemed to be down for the count because his boss didn't approve of his project.
  • draw first blood
    первое очко или балл, завоёванный в соревновании
    The fencer started well and drew first blood in the tournament, but unfortunately in the end he was defeated.
  • drop the ball
    сделать ошибку
    Ron had dropped the ball on his decision to leave the company; he was sorry afterwards.
  • first out of the gate
    первым начать что-либо делать
    That project was very important for Bob, and he was first out of the gate to start it.
  • first past the post
    первым пересечь финишную прямую
    The young skier was first past the post in the skiing marathon.
  • get off to a flying start
    успешно начаться
    Adam's small business got off to a flying start, but then the things went slack.
  • get to (reach) first base with someone or something
    сделать главный шаг навстречу кому-либо \ чему-либо
    Jameson was not able to reach first base with his partner.
  • get two/three strikes against someone
    оказаться в невыгодном положении, быть предупреждённым о промахах
    Felicity often has problems at work; she now has two strikes against her. I am afraid she might be fired if there are any more problems.
  • go to bat for someone
    помочь, поддержать кого-либо
    "I'd like you to go to bat for me during my exams."
  • go to the mat
    заступаться за кого-либо, "стоять горой"
    Our tutor often goes to the mat if there are serious problems in our group.
  • hand the torch/baton to someone
    передать служебные обязанности, наделить полномочиями (досл. передать эстафетную палочку бегуну)
    Ted Lloyd was about to retire and he decided to hand the torch to his son.
  • hard to call
    трудно решить, определить что-либо
    The marathon was hard to call, and nobody knew who was going to win.
  • have had a good innings
    насладиться долгим периодом активности
    The jazz band has had a good innings and gave a lot of concerts for the public at large.
  • have the inside track
    иметь преимущество (досл. бежать по внутренней дорожке)
    Gilda knew several foreign languages and had the inside track when she applied for the job of a company secretary.
  • in full swing
    в самом разгаре
    The party was in full swing when Dana and Samantha appeared.
  • in someone's corner
    на чьей-либо стороне, оказывающий поддержку кому-либо
    I realized that my friend was in my corner and I felt very grateful to him.
  • in the ballpark
    (быть) в сфере деятельности или финансового положения
    Sam decided not to sell his business as the value of it was not in the ballpark as what he had been offered.
  • in the bullpen
    находиться в зоне подачи (в бейсболе)
    John Small, the pitcher, was practicing in the bullpen while he was waiting for a chance to enter the game.
  • in the homestretch
    в стадии завершения
    The project to build a new shopping mall was in the homestretch.
  • in the running
    быть кандидатом (на какой-либо пост)
    Kevin Davidson was in the running for a job in the city administration.
  • in the same league as someone
    (быть) наравне с кем-либо, на одном уровне
    John Brown was not in the same league as his opponent Jack White.