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  • jockey for position
    не стесняться в средствах для достижения цели
    "I don't think it's the right time to jockey for position when the company is in a hole."
  • jump the gun
    сделать что-либо преждевременно
    Lora jumped the gun and started telling her friends about her forthcoming wedding.
  • keep the ball rolling
    поддерживать разговор, продолжать делать что-либо
    "You must write a letter home each week, and be careful to keep the ball rolling, or your parents will get anxious."
  • kick off
    начинать (досл. вбрасывать мяч и начинать игру)
    They kicked off the election campaign a few months before the elections.
  • know the score
    знать факты, иметь информацию
    I don't really know the score about how my father's company functions.
  • level playing field
    иметь равные шансы (на успех)
    I think both teams have a level playing field and they are both very good.
  • make it to first base
    сделать успешный первый шаг
    Collin could not make it to first base in his effort to get a new job.
  • make the cut
    соответствовать требованиям, подходить под установленный стандарт
    The young footballer does not make the cut, and he is not supposed to join the team this year.
  • meet one's match
    повстречать равного себе
    Joe is the best programmer in our company; and he has not met his match yet.
  • miss the cut
    не соответствовать требованиям
    At first this chess player was successful, but soon he missed the cut and could not take part in the next tournament.
  • move the goalposts
    несправедливо изменить правила или условия (досл. передвинуть планку ворот)
    Sometimes the government officials move the goalposts without any warning, and people's applications are rejected.
  • nip and tuck
    плечом к плечу; впритык
    For most of the race the two skaters were running nip and tuck, but the younger skater was the first to cross the finish line.
  • not in the same league
    (быть) ниже кого-либо (по положению, рангу, званию)
    Olaf was not in the same league as Marshall, who was a skilled boxer.
  • odds are against one
    малый шанс на успех
    Tim tried to join a basketball team, but the odds were against him.
  • off and running
    начать бег, разбежаться
    The athletes were off and running as soon as the signal sounded.
  • off base
    неверный, ошибочный, неточный
    The economist was off base with his estimation of the firm's profit.
  • off to a running start
    хорошее, быстрое начало
    These students are off to a running start. They are making good progress in learning English.
  • on a par with
    равноценный (по важности или качеству)
    Ms. Higgins' latest book was on a par with her previous ones.
  • on side
    (перетянуть) на свою сторону
    They finally got the apartment manager on side in their request not to raise the rent so far.
  • on the ropes
    (быть) в отчаянном положении, на грани поражения
    Their swimming team was on the ropes, and it seemed impossible for them to win the competition.
  • on your marks
    на старт (команда перед началом забега)
    The judge shouted "on your marks, get set, go" and the race began.
  • out in left field
    неуместный или необычный
    Sam asked silly questions which were out in left field. I am sure he has no idea about the subject of the conversation.
  • out of one's league
    неравный кому-либо
    I soon discovered that my new acquaintance was out of my league.
  • out of the running
    не рассматривать (ся)
    His latest book was out of the running for any major awards.
  • paddle one's own canoe
    полагаться только на себя, действовать самостоятельно
    Let the girl alone and let her paddle her own canoe.
  • par for the course
    ничего не обычного, непредвиденного
    There was nothing par for the course; it was exactly as they had expected it would be.
  • pass the torch/baton to someone
    передать кому-либо полномочия (досл. передать эстафетную палочку)
    When Jeremy Smith decided to retire, he passed the torch to his son.
  • play ball (with someone)
    сотрудничать с кем-либо
    It is often good business to play ball with the government.
  • play by the rules
    играть по правилам
    One of the managers refused to play by the rules, that's why he was given the sack.
  • play fair
    играть честно, не обманывать
    The students liked their teacher because he always played fair.
  • pump iron
    заниматься тяжёлой атлетикой
    Paul has been pumping iron for more than three years now.
  • put in one's oar
    вмешиваться в чужие дела
    Ann was doing very well until her brother came along and put in his oar. She could have done much better without his advice.
  • rally around someone or something
    объединиться, чтобы поддержать кого-либо \ что-либо
    The local administration rallied around the residents of the area when they decided to build a new playground.
  • rest on one's oars
    бездействовать, ослабить усилия
    They decided to rest on their oars for a while before starting a new project.
  • right off the bat
    сразу, немедленно, "с места в карьер"
    As soon as the students came to school, they were told right off the bat that they would take a test that day.