At The Abyss

текст песни Pyracanda


Time has come - we all know
we all know where to go
This is the time when a nuke means
the end.
A million weapons -
a million ways to die
To die for ideals that I deny
No I won't try, try to save my head
Because I know the living will envy
the dead.

Where do we go - where do we turn to
is there really nothing we can do
our self deception is never ending
No need to panic - we're still standing

At the abyss
-here we are, here we go
-tomorrow one step further
-the judgement day is coming
-our planet is commen grave

The case is clear - we know the facts
We know for sure - what it takes
To taxicate our planet, our living space.
We got the chance, to change
our habbits.

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