Two Sides OF Coin

текст песни Pyracanda


From time immemorial it has been there
Our free and true and
Independent scene it wasn't to compare
with any kind of fashion wave

Unaccepted, but free instead

From wherever the wind blew, there was
No reason to change my mind or the things
I used to answer for
togetherness, in the few

Was the source of power that gave me
strenght, to fit the ones who set my
name in their plans

The harder they fought us, the more they
fed the flame, they couldn't leash it, no,
they couldn't break our will, but like me,
they've felt - there are two sides of a Coin.

Felt the substance
Smelt the cash

What started once with idealism a
revolution now is underminded
by corrupted minds

I see butlicks, pseudofreaks

Waverider, moneymakers, I can't identify
Them with the way I'm looking at life

I hope - that you stay on the path that
you walk
I hope - you're not just a puppet of the
The trends - are the reason why...

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