Challenge Cup

текст песни Pyracanda

Lyrics: GehenzigMusic: Pyracanda

Looking back now, realize
you're not worth the tears I've cries
played an evil game with me
revenge is my guarantee
your body is like Chernobyl
infected from many escapades
a crab-louse found a family
you know this is reality

And the crablouse in your cxxx...
...don't know what you want

You're a human challenge cup
and you're definitely suck
stand everyday in another board
and I hope to see you soon in a morgue

Lying sleepless in my bed
what you think is what you get
I'm praying for redemption
but suicide is no solution
clairvoyants, they can say
you're going on a blind alley
get some pennies to buy a friend
'cause there is no helping hand

And the crab-louse...


K.M.A. greeting to your mother
it's okay - you got from her some order
it's allright - please yourself

and tonight - another at your side
I can forgive, I can forget, you've gone too far

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