Rigor Mortis

текст песни Pyracanda

Lyrics: GehenzigMusic: Pyracanda

You used to slam and thrash around
but now you're lying underground
your blood runs cold, your flesh decays
you must have wittnessed better days

Rigor mortis - starts to rule
Rigor Mortis - destroys your life
Rigor Mortis - no escape
Rigor Mortis - all desicions have been made

Maggots are crawling upon your chest
your body rots and gets musty fast
there's no way to escape
you must have wittnessed better days


Your soul burns in purgatory
horrible screams all around
where ever you look, only well - known people
your friends were no good just like you

Watch out and beware, Satan is near
His legions of death are prepared
to throw out your soul
into the deepest black hole, a prison where no

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